08 June 2011

Fabric-book pages

 This fabric book page has the theme "your own mola".
 I drew a butterfly/moth from an aboriginal painting and made this in mola style.
I have used 5 layers of fabric to get this result.
 The body is the first fabric, second white, third orange, fourth black and on top the dark green.
It flew to Helga in Germany.
 The size is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6")
Below the page I got from Robin ( Australia).
Robin made a page inspired by her favorite painter: Sir Sydney Nolan.
This is a painting from 1970, Paradise Garden series.
An unknown painter for me but that is the fun of my theme: "an impression of your favorite art painting", which I choose for this new swap round in the Fibre Fever group.


Janny de Roo said...

Wat een verscheidenheid aan pages...maar zowel jij als Robin zullen veel plezier aan het maken hebben gehad....Beiden zijn erg mooi

T's Daily Treasures said...

Both are so very lovely. Wonderful to receive something original in the mail to add to your collection. It's like a little celebration every time you receive a swap gift. Best wishes, Tammy

Hannie said...

Heel apart deze "mot" in Mola techniek, best bewerkelijk!
De kaart die je kreeg uit Australië is ook heel apart. Ik heb de schilder opgezocht op internet.Maakt heel goed werk.