29 July 2011


 I own a little collection of old milk jars. I didn't collect them, they just came to me.
From my mother, both grandmothers and great-grandmothers.
 The same happened with the thimbles. When my children went on holidays they took a thimble home for their sewing mother :) The same did my sister and now my grandchildren also take a thimble home with them for their quilt-sewing granny.
 I have thimbles from all over the world, Guatemala, New Zealand, New York ,USA and many European countries and cities. Each timble tells a story.
Do you like to see more collections?


tiny said...

Je hebt een leuke collectie kannetjes, en de vingerhoedjes vind ik nog leuker.

Hannie said...

Gezellig een verzameling. Je hebt een heel mooie collecties melkkannetjes !
En ook leuk om vingerhoedjes te sparen. Was ik ook mee begonnen,ook mini poesjes en mini dubbeldiertjes. Wegens ruimtegebrek zijn ze in doos terecht gekomen! Als ik dit nu zie heb ik weer zin om ze voor de dag te halen. Succes!

Quiltefia said...

Hei!! Hyggelige samlinger!! God helg!! AnneK:-)

Britt og Zelante said...

Så koselige samlinger :-) Jeg samler også på mugger og har en som er ganske lik den hvite bakerst. Også samler jeg på te-siler :-)
God helg!

Privet and Holly said...

I love that....
They came to you.
Just beautiful.
And love that your
children always
thought of you when
they travelled. So
so sweet! Thanks for
joining my collector's
xx Suzanne

T's Daily Treasures said...

The milk jars and tea sets are lovely! I also have a collection of thimbles and spoons from around the world. Bells too, but not very many of those as they aren't quite as easy to find. :) Have a great day. Tammy

katrien said...

Wat een mooie verzameling melkkannetjes.En ook de vingerhoedjes zijn zo leuk ,ik heb er ondertussen zo'n 330.

Emmy said...

wat schattig die verzameling

Tiny Sas-Gerritsen said...

Een mooie verzameling Ati.

Fabric Art said...

Ati love you collection of old milk jars and you thimbles, I also collect thimbles.