18 August 2011


 This morning DH and I picked the gooseberries from the two bushes we have in our garden.
About 6kg. wonderful sweet berries in spite of the bad,wet, cold summer we have here.
 With every 1750 grams of berries I added 250 grams of soaked dried apricots and 2 kg. sugar.
(I smash the apricots with the blender before I start cooking the jam.)
The apricots give this jam a lift and an unexpected nice taste.
 After a day hard work I had 17 and a half jar of fine jam.
Very good for breakfast on a slice of home baked bread :)
My shelf in the cellar cupboard starts looking nice with the new supply of homemade jam!


Quiltefia said...

Hei!! Nå har du deilig syltetøy til vinteren!! Så lurt å blande aprikoser med stikkelsbær!! AnneK:-)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Beautiful jam Ati.
My mother always made Cape Gooseberry, Melon and Ginger jam which was delicious too!

I would love to see a picture of your wonderful larder!!!

Shane :))

nancypo said...

That's loooks delicious! I wish I could grow some here, but too hot I think...

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Great idea to add the apricots. Your jam looks great, a real piece of summer, bottled :)

Hannie said...

Ik kan het zowat proeven deze heerlijke bijzondere jam! Vorig jaar had je ook dit recept dacht ik? Jammer genoeg kan ik hier in de buurt geen kruisbessen kopen En ik heb niet zo'n grote tuin om ze te planten. Helaas!

Carol said...

Years ago I never heard of gooseberries. Our widowed neighbor asked me if I would make him a gooseberry pie. His wife had made them for him and he wanted one badly. He brought me a basket of them and I guess it came out ok, because he said he enjoyed it. I have never seen a gooseberry again and have no idea where he got them.

Your post brought that memory back.

Have a great weekend.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds perfectly delicious and would go great with the biscuits I made this morning. :) Have a great day. Tammy

tiny said...

Heerlijk Ati, wij maken ook kruisbessen jam, maar ik heb er nog nooit abrikozen doorgedaan, zal het volgend jaar ook eens proberen. Wij hadden dit jaar trouwens weinig kruisbessen. Fijn weekend Tiny

2ne said...

Å dette ser helt nydelig ut - så flink du har vært.
God helg.