22 August 2011


 In our backyard we have a little greenhouse. Only 9 square meters.
 Mainly for growing vegetable seeds in the early Spring when it is too cold outside.
When the little plants are big enough they go in the kitchen-garden outside in the front of our house.
The only place where we could have a kitchen-garden is in the front of our house because it is flat there. As you see the backyard isn't!!
This photo above is taken in June.
 DH has planted little green bean plants in the start of the Spring in the tiny greenhouse and now we have green beans :)  The harvest has started!
 A bucket full of the nicest green beans I ever have had from our garden.
Outside in the garden the green bean plants only have flowers, no bean at all because of the cold, wet weather this year.
We had a nice meal yesterday and the rest went in those preserving jars for the coming winter.


Hannie said...

Dat ziet er weer prachtig uit zo, de bonen in de pot.Wel even flink wat werk,maar dan heb je ook veel plezier van de oogst uit eigen moestuin!

marja. said...

er is niets lekkerder dan uit eigen!!!!

Carol said...

When I didn't work outside the house, I had a wonderful veggie garden and canned everything I could get my hands on. Then I went to work outside the house and 40+ hours found me saying I didn't have time for it and surely we could afford to buy at the store. Now I am still working 40+ hours and am thinking I should have planted this year because food prices are jumping, not inching, up each week and it is harder every week to feed two teen boys. I did freeze corn yesterday, fresh cut from the cob. Each month retirement gets farther away. But I am blessed because I have a job and many don't.

Your beans are very pretty. I love to eat fresh from the garden beans.

Sandie said...

Hi Ati,
Are your beans preserved in Brine?
They look good!
I was wondering about doing the same as my freezer space is limited and we have frequent power cuts and we are all electric here!
My mum used to preserve the beans in salt but, I think it might be more resourceful and less wasteful to do them in brine.

Have a good harvest and week.

Sandie xx

Suztats said...

Your backyard is beautiful, Ati, and I'd love to have a little greenhouse! At our former home, I had a large garden, and loved to grow our vegies there, come home from work and walk into the garden and pick our supper! Here, there are too many critters that would demolish our produce, and, as yet, we haven't put up a tall fence so that I can grow fresh food. Maybe next spring.......

tiny said...

Heerlijk, doe je de boontjes op dezelfde manier als jam? Dus heet in de potten en dan op de kop zetten. Zo doe ik dat tenminste.

Janny de Roo said...

Zo komt "Jan Splinter" door de winter...zegt men toch ?

Micki said...

What a beautiful garden/yard you have, Ati.

Johanna Zweden said...

wat won je daar mooi Ati en wat een schitterende tuin.
En ik zie het is je gelukt alle boontjes, in de pot
Groetjes Joke

MulticoloredPieces said...

Your DYB crazy block is beautiful and I really like your fabric page. Your garden is to die for! So greeeeeeen!
best, nadia