27 September 2011

new socks

 An other pair of socks ready for DD 1. Walking socks or night shift socks ;)
Made from hand-dyed yarn by Spinning Martha ( Germany)
It is Zitron trekking XXL, super sock yarn!
Pattern from the yahoo group: sokken breien. Size 41 EU.

21 September 2011

fabric book page

I made this fiber book page for Kath in Greece. Kath's theme is "the sea".
I sewed all kind of fibers on a blue/grey background trying to get a look of waves.
Our place is surrounded by the sea and it looks different every day!
The fabric book page for me from Portugal is a little late.
I show that to you next month when it has arrived.

18 September 2011

Birthday cards

Three birthday cards made for ladies of the Fibre fever group.
There is a small group within the FF group who are in the birthday card club.
When I had my birthday a few months ago I received 15 beautiful handmade fiber cards!
Those three are flown away a month ago and now received by their new owners.

13 September 2011

some handwork

 I crocheted two potholders again and made from the rests of those colors cotton two dishclothes.
I have made the dishclothes larger than the pattern says.
Now the apple green cotton yarn is used up!
Below the start of a new pair of socks.

06 September 2011

fresh sweet peas

 In our kitchen garden we also have sweet peas. In spite of the cold wet summer they grow :)
It is late in this summer but now we have sweet peas from our own garden.
 This morning I had a bucket full and more to come!
 I peeled off the peas. The waste is more volume than the peas.
The waste goes in the compost bin and that compost will be used again on the garden.
I have blanched them for one minute, the taste remains better after doing that.
 I had four meals, three went in the freezer and one for the dinner this afternoon.
That was cod from the oven, peas with carrots and mashed potatoes. yum, yum........
The fish dish recipe:
about 150 grams white fish without bones per person.
neutral white sauce
salt, pepper,grated cheese.
Heat the oven 200 degrees Celsius.
Cut the fish in large pieces, put it in an oven dish and add little salt and pepper.
Place it in the middle of the oven until the fish is white, about 10 minutes.
In the meantime cook a neutral white sauce.
Poor the sauce on the fish and top it with grated cheese.
Ready when the cheese is melted and golden yellow.
Bon appetit!

05 September 2011

Babette blanket grows

The blanket I am crocheting at the moment is called Babette.
It is sewed together from crocheted squares in different sizes.
The pattern says you have to crochet sections and than sew it together.
Here is section 1-9.
Only section 10 is left on the pattern.
BUT because my yarn is tóóó  thin I have to design more rounds by myself!
I like that it becomes a useful size and not the little blanket I have now.
Have to order some extra yarn too but that is not the problem.
The whole blanket will cost much more time now to crochet.
My goal is to create a blanket about 120 x 155 cm. ( 48 x 60")

01 September 2011

late summer and socks

 Today the weather was nice enough to take a walk trough the garden to the sea. Very wet and slippery but I have rubber boots :)
As you see the colors outside are changing to Autumn already.
An other pair of socks ready. Made from Drops fabel, knitted on 4 needles 2,5 mm.
shoe size 41 EU.