30 October 2011

mother-book page

This is my mother. The photo was taken when she was about 30 years old.
My mother made bobbin lace when she was young and I added a piece of one of her hankies with lace ( on the left page) and on the right page a quarter of her "well-used" doilies.
 She also sewed all of her clothes and the clothes for us children.
 Therefore there were many bits and pieces left when she died.
 I took all with me, not knowing that I, on one day, should make this :)
The fabrics on both pages are from her clothes. The left pages fabrics have been pyjamas.
 And a page of my "poesie" poetry album, where she wrote a poem to me when I was 8 years old.
The painted button is made by Gerry K. I got it from her a long time ago when I had sent her much tiny,tiny beads from my mothers stock.
It is a painting from the farmhouse my parents lived in, in the Netherlands.
 Now Gerry,the button has come to its place :-) Thank you again!

29 October 2011


My house is smelling like a bakery, new baked bread!
I always make our bread, just forgot to tell you that.
I embroider pages for my "mother-book". In a few days I shall show them.
Wishing you a very nice weekend!

17 October 2011

mug-rugs and table runner

 A while ago I sewed 4 mug-rugs and a teapot mat for my daughter. For the mug-rugs I used leftovers from the couch-quilt I made for her.The white parts are from a vintage table-cloth. I got a piece of that from my friend Eva in Austria. Thank you very much Eva. Now you see that I used it :)
The teapot mat protect the table for the hot teapot. It has two layers of batting inside.
 This is a table runner made from a half yard of fabric. The fabric is so nice of its own that I used it as it was. Only added lace on the border and a binding from an other piece of fabric.
As a bonus a photo from a week ago when we drove home along the road E16 from Fagernes to Lærdal in Sogn og Fjordane (Norway). As you see the winter is coming soon! Already new snow on the mountain tops!

12 October 2011

Fabric book-pages

 The page above is made in the theme from Lorenza (Italy). Lorenza's wish is pages from paintings from Vincent van Gogh. I made Souvenir de Mauve. As a young girl I had a copy from this painting on my bedroom wall. I liked it very much and I still do.
Making it from fabrics was a challenge. For the blossoms I choose little sequins.
Below the page Lorenza made for me. The theme of my book is: a impression of a painting you like.  Lorenza made "the scream" from Edvard Much.