27 November 2011

an other great-grandmother

 This is the other grandmother of my mother; Grietje Belie. The mother of my grandfather.
My mother always spoke very warmth about her.
On the fabric page a photo of her when she was 18, I think. Most of the girls in the northwest part of the Netherlands got the gold or silver jewelery for the traditional cap when the became an official member of the church. I have chosen fabrics on both pages from the era she lived.
The lace on the right page is original handmade bobbin-lace which was used for the cap.
On the left page the poem she wrote in my mothers poetry album.
Below a photo taken in the fields with her husband and two of her sons.
The photo is taken in 1928, my great-grandmother was 64 years old than.
 Strange enough she looks older than I am now and I am 69!

21 November 2011


Here is a new double page for my "mother" book.
This is my great-grandmother, the mother of my grandmother.
She lived in the east part of the Netherlands. She was born and raised up in a poor family which lived in a peat cottage. My mother told me that a long time ago.
She married in 1891 to Jan Koning which was a house painter.
This great grandmother got 12 children. One little boy drowned when he was 8 years old and one little girl was still born. Ten children grew up, my grandmother was the second child.
On the left page I have used the original pillow sheet fabric which was used for straw mattresses.
( the blue striped one) I also made two buttonholes by hand to go with the vintage buttons.
The fabrics on the right page are all vintage, except for the little dark grey triangle which is a replica.

18 November 2011

Lucky me :)

Today I got the surprise baggie from Susan, from the blog "Plays with needles".
A while ago Susan had a give away and I won! Of all of the 166 comments she got, she picked me!
The goodies are sparkles, bought by Susan on a New York trip.
She was shopping for her "Tiffany" block at that day.
It is beautiful material, real mirror glass. I is much more beautiful than the plastic substitutes you see everywhere.
She also added a photo of the great butterfly she made on the Tiffany block.
And look at the stamps!! One of my favorite movie stars when I was young.
Thank you very much Susan.
On a beautiful day I will use it on a special CQ block!

16 November 2011


 My crochet blanket is ready to use! I am very pleased with it.
The final size is  110 x 165 cm. (43x66".)
  I have used 3400 meters yarn. ( 3700 yards) Hook 2,5 mm.
Yarn: 13 skeins Filcolana Merci ( 50% merino wool 50% cotton) and 4 skeins Filcolana extra fin merino.
Super soft and warm.
Border: 2 rows lilac sc. ( vasten) 3 rows dark and light pink dc.( stokjes) one row white sc. ( vasten)

12 November 2011

look at this

My Babette blanket is coming to an end. I am finishing section 14 now.
Get almost crochet wings ;-)
Now it has a useful size. Just a few squares to make....
And than a border, maybe 2 or 3 rounds. It depends how much yarn I have left.
I am rather proud on myself, it took much more time than I had calculated and much patient to make all those squares.
I like the pattern but when I make it again, I have to choose thicker yarn!
I mainly crochet in the evenings in front of the TV.
But now I am sewing some parts together to see what sizes and colors I need to make the last row also nice.

08 November 2011

fabric book pages

 Here are the last fibre pages I have swapped. The "winter" page went to Maria in Portugal.
Maria's wish was to get pages of all seasons. I saw she had received both summer and spring pages so I made a winter page for her.
Made from sheep-fleece on the embellisher and some hand embroidery. In the white snow I have added a few angelina fibers for a 'sparkle'.
Below the page I got from Kath. She lives on the isle of Crete.
Kath has woven an impression of a painting by Paul Klee ( sailing boats).
The original painting is on the third picture.
I asked for impressions of art paintings. I am very happy with this page!
The pages are 15x15 cm. ( 6")

04 November 2011

grandmother book-page

This is my grandmother (mothers mother).
On the left page her handwriting and a piece of her apron (left side below with the black background). I remember her in brown and blue dresses.
 The white triangle part is a piece of an unused hankie with a bobbin-lace edge made by my mother.
She died only 60 years old. It is a pity that I only was 12 years old at that time so that I never have had the chance to learn how she was.
She must have been a courages woman. When she married my grandfather she moved to the other end of the country!
 In 1918 it was far away from her parents, brothers and sisters.
 I bet that she didn't understand the people when she came as a new bride in the west part of Holland.
She was born in Drente (NL). She met my grandfather when he was placed as a soldier at the eastern border of the Netherlands in the years 1914-1917.

Below: the page approved by Madame Mini :)
do you know: when you click on the photos they enlarge!