04 November 2011

grandmother book-page

This is my grandmother (mothers mother).
On the left page her handwriting and a piece of her apron (left side below with the black background). I remember her in brown and blue dresses.
 The white triangle part is a piece of an unused hankie with a bobbin-lace edge made by my mother.
She died only 60 years old. It is a pity that I only was 12 years old at that time so that I never have had the chance to learn how she was.
She must have been a courages woman. When she married my grandfather she moved to the other end of the country!
 In 1918 it was far away from her parents, brothers and sisters.
 I bet that she didn't understand the people when she came as a new bride in the west part of Holland.
She was born in Drente (NL). She met my grandfather when he was placed as a soldier at the eastern border of the Netherlands in the years 1914-1917.

Below: the page approved by Madame Mini :)
do you know: when you click on the photos they enlarge!


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Ati,
What a nice tribute for your Grandmother too. So happy to see Madame Mini approved them. :)

Suztats said...

Wonderful to have these pieces of your mother's and grandmothers' cloths. A history in fabric that you are creating into a book.
I have some of my mother's crocheting, but her mother was not a needlewoman, unlike my great-grandmother who was an indentured embroiderer. I would love to have some of her work, but it was lost in several fires, unfortunately.

Annet said...

Hoi Ati,

ik vind het erg leuk om te zien, die herinnerings boeken. Ik heb het boek van Margreet toen ook gezien. Zelf heb ik er niet zoveel mee, maar ik vind het wel leuk om te zien.
groetjes, Annet

Lottie said...

What fabulous crazy quilting - and a stunning tribute to your grandmother. You are making an amazing book - and your family, I am sure will treasure it for years to come. A perfect heirloom.

Hannie said...

Ook weer een heel bijzondere pagina! Jammer dat je haar niet echt hebt gekend,toch denk ik dat je haar heel goed hebt wergegeven. Het is een mooie pagina geworden. Vind Madame Mini ook!

suziqu's thread works said...

Ati the whole concept is so inspirational. Please show us all when it has been compiled too!
Hugs, Suzy

Doreen G said...

Another beautiful page Ati.
Isn't it strange how cats love to walk and sit on our sewing?

grandmarockton said...


Gerry said...

These pages are so beautiful, Ati. What a wonderful family keepsake.

Your work is lovely, as always!


MulticoloredPieces said...

Your mother and grandmother book pages are so thoughtful and touching. That history is so important. I too have been thinking about grandmothers lately. Ok, I got a little carried away--I wrote 3 posts!
best, nadia

Merete Isabell said...

Wow! Got to say I love your work!! So inspiring. And a really nice tribute for your Grandmother!

Lisa said...

These pages are wonderful! What a great tribute to your Mother and Grandmother!

Fabric Art said...

Ati your book pages are always so beautifully made and so is this, great tribute for your grandmother.