27 November 2011

an other great-grandmother

 This is the other grandmother of my mother; Grietje Belie. The mother of my grandfather.
My mother always spoke very warmth about her.
On the fabric page a photo of her when she was 18, I think. Most of the girls in the northwest part of the Netherlands got the gold or silver jewelery for the traditional cap when the became an official member of the church. I have chosen fabrics on both pages from the era she lived.
The lace on the right page is original handmade bobbin-lace which was used for the cap.
On the left page the poem she wrote in my mothers poetry album.
Below a photo taken in the fields with her husband and two of her sons.
The photo is taken in 1928, my great-grandmother was 64 years old than.
 Strange enough she looks older than I am now and I am 69!


Johanna Zweden said...

Wat een schitterende verhalen en wat een mooi werk is dit
Groetjes Joke vanuit een regenachtig Zweden

Ruth said...

Så fint det var, utrolig at du har klart å ta så godt vare på alt gjennom alle år. Det ligger mange gode minner der. Og du har helt rett, du ser mye yngre ut enn hun på bilde, men slik var det, mye på grunn av klærne og fast "knute" i håret. Ha fortsatt en fin dag. Klem :-)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Ati,
Sorry I have been away from your blog but I have had lots of visitors lately! I am amazed that you have photos of all your relatives. That is a great treasure to have. Love what you have done.
Keep well and hugs

Hannie said...

Weer zo'n mooi verhaal en een prachtige verwerking! Het is inderdaad zo dat de mensen er vroeger eerder oud zagen. Het kwam vaak ook door het harde leven dat ze hadden, en daarbij nog de donkere wat stijve kleding?

Fabric Art said...

Another wonderful page to your book Ati, love that you have used old fabric and the bobbin lace are very beautiful, lovely image of your grandmother.

Lottie said...

Absolutely stunning work Ati - and a wonderful history to treasure too.

Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful that you know so much about your family history and are doing such a lovely tribute to them. I enjoy your creationa and blog alot. Jane in MO