30 December 2011

review 2011

A little review from what I did in 2011.
I like to say "thank you " to my blog friends and followers, whether you are just looking or leaving a comment.
Please know that I really do appreciate the fact that you take the time to read and to look what I did.
I wish you all a nice new years eve.

23 December 2011

Christmas cards

In November I made some Christmas cards to sent far away. They have reached their destination.
Now I can show them to you too. I have printed a vintage Santa postcard on fabric and assembled some lace and other things in a corner.
I wish I could send cards to all my followers but that is not possible.
With the photo from my handmade cards I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

22 December 2011

BD cards

Last month I made some birthday cards for the ladies of the FF group I am in.
The whole year round we have to send cards and when I had my bd I got 16 handmade cards in return.
Those three are the last ones this year and they all have reached their new homes now.
They are made in the shabby chic style.

18 December 2011


 A while ago I got a gift from my eldest daughter. A book.
Just for fun , she said. It was not a hint ;) no, no.
But she loves the knitted Christmas balls and she cannot knit with 5 needles in the round... so...
What would you have done?
I have sent her to the shop and ordered 2 skeins yarn: 100% wool. Viking superwash.
 I have used 5 needles 3 mm. (US 2,5) 
And have knitted 4 balls for her Christmas tree.
Below the book with 55 patterns. Very good knitting instructions and clear patterns.
The book is translated in 8 languages!

17 December 2011

outside it's snowing but inside, mmm

 Wish you could smell it :)

14 December 2011

fabric "Mothers" book ready

 The fabric mothers book is ready. And I am happy how it turned out.
I have started the pages with the eldest mother and worked toward the present time.
The page with me is the last page of the ten I made.
Working on those pages made me think of all those women whom have lived before me with their struggles and joy. Of all of them I have something inherited in my character and existence.
This book is made to honour the women I come from.
 On an old linen napkin I simple embroidered the word Moeders, which is Dutch for mothers.
My page, the last one in the book. On the left page a piece of an old doily which I have embroidered when I was about 10 years old. I remember when I got it as a present, printed with the cross-stitches. And 3 skeins of DMC floss, green, red and yellow blended.
In the upper right corner of the left page a piece of my wedding veil and a few flowers of the wedding crown. A little silver ring of my childhood and some buttons from dresses. On the right page pieces from my clothes and a part of a bobbin lace doily which I grabbed from the side table a week ago :)
I have made bobbin lace from 1980 until I moved to Norway in february 2002.
You see also a little piece of the inside cover which is made from a Dutch farmers handkerchief.
I made a pocket on the back-cover and will tuck a little notebook inside with the stories from all the mothers.

10 December 2011

the last great grandmother

The grandmother of my grandmother. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of her but I have her handwriting! A page in my grandmothers poetry album which I have printed on fabric.
I have used original fabrics from the period she lived and original laces! On the right page a piece of handmade bobbin-lace and 5 original red coral beads. Necklaces with those beads were often used in this period on sundays.
On the left page a front of a nightgown with handmade Swiss lace and hand-made buttonholes.
The nightgown itself was used for something else but the front with the lace was still in a box at my aunts house when she had died. On the left pages also a piece of a fashion magazine from 1898.
I printed a part of a page on fabric.
In a shoebox on the attic in my aunts house there where little bits of fabric of an old blouse. All the clothes in this period were sewed by hand and the left overs were saved too.
And the original blouse was there!
 I like to show you the blouse I have from Grietje Baan. Saved in five generations!
 My aunt told me that.
It is hand sewed of course and worn out. But never thrown away!
Is is a blouse in Empire style, made in about 1840. Worn with a long wrinkled skirt.
I have asked my neighbour girl to show it and here are the photos.
The blouse of 150 years old and the jeans from 2011 :)
Wish my great-grandmother could see this!

 Thank you very much Malin being the model!

08 December 2011

wisp block number 11

A new block for my wool quilt in old style. Block number 11. Made from old clothes.
Only embroidery, no lace, no beads. It is difficult at this time of the year to make nice photos.
 Too little daylight so I had to use flash. The colors are much richer in real.
This block measures 20x40cm. ( 8x16")

06 December 2011

fabric book-pages

 Here are two fabric book pages from the Fibre Fever group swap.
Above the page I made for Peggy (USA). Peggy's theme is "all shades of pink".
I made a page for her in crazy quilt style, size 15x15 cm . 6".
Below the page Juliette from GB made for me.
It is an impression of a landscape by van Gogh.
Juliette likes the van Goghs landscapes very much, she wrote to me.
She made it from wet-felted wool and added some machine stitching.

04 December 2011

An other great-grandmother

 This is a new double page for my fabric mother-book. The grandmother of my father.
The fabric and lace on the left page are authentic. The braid and the bobbin-lace on the right page too. And a few pieces of fabric on the right page and the buttons of course!
This is the only photo which I have of her. Scroll down for more :)
Below a detail photo of the antique laces. On the left the hand embroidered Swiss lace, on the right the handmade bobbin-lace which was used for the caps. ( made in Belgium) The Swiss embroidery is wrong side up on purpose so that you can see it is hand embroidered.
You always can click on the photos to enlarge them!
 Below the family photo with my great-grandparents and their children. Taken in 1904!
Some of the older girls were married at that time and their husbands are also on the photo.
The tall boy on the right is my grandfather.
This is the farmhouse were I grew up.
The beautiful wooden gate is replaced by a smaller iron one in the '50.
I remember that. This wooden gate is given away by my grandfather to the open air museum in Arnhem (the Netherlands). When I visited the museum in the '80 I didn't see it!
Maybe all the parts are still in a storage place??

02 December 2011

chair pillows

I am sewing pillows for dining table chairs. The chairs are old Ikea chairs and painted by DD.
 They are hers. But grandson said: they are too hard and cold, mum!
That's why I decided to make pillows.
 I have used the leftovers from this quilt to make the tops.  Patchwork squares 2,5 ".
I  never made chair pillows before.  Sewing the tops was easy!
 But making them fit for a piece of 2" thick polyester is an other story!
The first one was a disaster, Grrr... The second one went better and the third one is good :)
Now the fourth one will be a piece of cake , I guess.