10 December 2011

the last great grandmother

The grandmother of my grandmother. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of her but I have her handwriting! A page in my grandmothers poetry album which I have printed on fabric.
I have used original fabrics from the period she lived and original laces! On the right page a piece of handmade bobbin-lace and 5 original red coral beads. Necklaces with those beads were often used in this period on sundays.
On the left page a front of a nightgown with handmade Swiss lace and hand-made buttonholes.
The nightgown itself was used for something else but the front with the lace was still in a box at my aunts house when she had died. On the left pages also a piece of a fashion magazine from 1898.
I printed a part of a page on fabric.
In a shoebox on the attic in my aunts house there where little bits of fabric of an old blouse. All the clothes in this period were sewed by hand and the left overs were saved too.
And the original blouse was there!
 I like to show you the blouse I have from Grietje Baan. Saved in five generations!
 My aunt told me that.
It is hand sewed of course and worn out. But never thrown away!
Is is a blouse in Empire style, made in about 1840. Worn with a long wrinkled skirt.
I have asked my neighbour girl to show it and here are the photos.
The blouse of 150 years old and the jeans from 2011 :)
Wish my great-grandmother could see this!

 Thank you very much Malin being the model!


Mánya said...

Every page of your mother book is a real treasure :)

Hannie said...

Ook weer prachtige paginas Ati! Wat leuk om je buurmeisje de blouse te laten showen.Staat ze geweldig! Wat ik vooral ook mooi vind: De blauwe en andere jaquardstof op de rechterpagina.
Een heel bijzonder naslag werk is het geworden.

Ruth said...

Så fint, utrolig hva du har i dine "gjemmer" Er kroklissen rundt det lyse også håndsydd? Av samme stoff, et nydelig arbeid. Og , ja, Malin erger seg godt som modell.
Ps. krumkakene er ferdig. Ha en fin kveld. Klem :-)

Magdalena said...

It is a treasure. I wish all can collect such valuable thing of our family.

Wieke van Keulen said...

Prachtig, Ati. Je ziet; ik heb je blog gevonden. Wat gaaf dat die blouse zolang bewaard is gebleven. Top om het design van de blouse te zien. Het zou nu als hip bestempeld worden. leuk ook die schouderlijn; waarschijnlijk dus een tijd, waarbij men smalle schouders wilde hebben. Dank voor het delen en ik scroll nog even verder.

ashenka said...

well, Ati.... it's fantastic.. every your page is a living history. .. some day everyone should something like you do..

tiny said...

Je hebt er weer een hele mooie pagina van gemaakt, en dan de blouse, geweldig dat hij zolang bewaard gebleven is. Heel mooi.

Quiltefia said...

Hei!! Så utrolig å ha en så! gammel bluse liggende!? Den må du ta godt vare på!! God helg!! AnneK:-)

Johanna Zweden said...

Schitterend dit blok
En wat een enig jasje, staat haar schitterend, wou ze het niet meteen aanhouden!
Groetjes Joke en we hebben weer het normale weer terug, wat een noodweer hebben we gehad

Maria said...

Your mother book is really beautiful.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a beautiful fabric book and an amazing blouse, wow! Both a treasure.

Robin Mac said...

How wonderful to have a blouse as old as that in your family. The pages in your book are really beautiful, I hope your children will treasure ths as a very important family heirloom in times to come. Cheers

Susan said...

I love the old blouse with the new jeans. That's wonderful juxtaposition! What a treasure!

Susan Elliott said...

Love that blouse AND the model. I wonder how you make the zigzag trim?

It looks a bit like a bubble gum wrapper chain that kids make in the States...like this http://www.origami-resource-center.com/bubble-gum-wrapper-paper-chain.html

I am always in awe of the beauty of your neighborhood and your country. *sigh*