04 December 2011

An other great-grandmother

 This is a new double page for my fabric mother-book. The grandmother of my father.
The fabric and lace on the left page are authentic. The braid and the bobbin-lace on the right page too. And a few pieces of fabric on the right page and the buttons of course!
This is the only photo which I have of her. Scroll down for more :)
Below a detail photo of the antique laces. On the left the hand embroidered Swiss lace, on the right the handmade bobbin-lace which was used for the caps. ( made in Belgium) The Swiss embroidery is wrong side up on purpose so that you can see it is hand embroidered.
You always can click on the photos to enlarge them!
 Below the family photo with my great-grandparents and their children. Taken in 1904!
Some of the older girls were married at that time and their husbands are also on the photo.
The tall boy on the right is my grandfather.
This is the farmhouse were I grew up.
The beautiful wooden gate is replaced by a smaller iron one in the '50.
I remember that. This wooden gate is given away by my grandfather to the open air museum in Arnhem (the Netherlands). When I visited the museum in the '80 I didn't see it!
Maybe all the parts are still in a storage place??


Johanna Zweden said...

Schitterend Ati en wat een mooie herinneringen
Groetjes Joke

Pat Winter said...

Wow what an amazing gate.Too bad they haven't displayed it yet. Hopefully they didn't take it home and use it,LOL.
Lovely journal. The old lace always makes a project extra special doesn't it?

Ruth said...

Nydelig, også den håndbroderte blonden, helt utrolig. Og bare det at du har tatt vare på alle de vakre tingene er jo helt utrolig. det blir en flott "minnebok" for ettertida. Ha en fin kveld videre. Klem Ruth :-))

Hannie said...

Ook weer veel mooie herinneringen aan je overgrootmoeder! Wat een bijzonder verhaal over het hek, en wat een prachtige plek waar je opgroeide!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Ati,
Wow,I love the old photo and the history behind it.

carole brungar said...

Hi Ati, what a gorgeous old photo, you are lucky to have it, it's a treasure. x

Mary said...

Oh my! One beautiful, fascinating picture after the other. I especially love seeing the amazing house where you grew up with the family in front. What a treasure - as are the bits of lace and fabric you have from these women.