25 February 2011

Journal and fibre book ready

 This is my yellow pages fabric book. The pages in this book are made by Fibre Fever group friends all over the world. They are all different but because of my theme: yellow, they go great together!
Really like to see the pages together now.
Choosing a color as a theme is not very usual but the result is very nice!
Thank you all FF group friends!
 Below the Seasons journal which I made the last weeks.
Ready now to use :-)

21 February 2011

Fabric book-pages

 I made this page for Monika. ( Germany) Monika's theme is : faces.

I have tried to make an impression of one of the most famous faces in the Norwegian art.
"The scream" ( 1893) made by Edvard Much. ( 1863-1944)
size 15 x 15 cm. 6". Needlefelt made with embellisher machine.This is the original painting.
 It is in the Much museum in Oslo.
More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scream
Below the fabric page Maureen in Australia made for me. My theme in this swap is Japan/China.
Isn't it beautiful? I do like the print on fabric and the sashiko quilt-stitching.


19 February 2011

journal progress 2

Here are most of the journal pages which are embellished now. Of course there are many almost empty pages too.
After all it is a journal meant for writing things in. Things which happen in the seasons this year.
I have started with Spring. For me the year starts in Spring  : 0)
Now I have to make the cover and sew the pages into the cover.
As always you can click on the photo to enlarge or go to my Flickr photopage to see all the photos in detail.

16 February 2011

journal in progress

 Here you see what I did with the water-color papers I made a while ago.
I have teared them up to a book-page size, stamped on them added pictures and pieces of napkins.
As you can see now this journal becomes seasons related.
Now they have to dry a few hours and than the sewing begins!

12 February 2011

paper collages

 Here are two of the paper collages I have made lately.
I am in a group called 'Greenpaper collage club'.
We get twice a month instructions and collage sheet which we can use or not.
The collage on the left is a collage I made for Mary Green's challenge of the month February.
I have made several paper collages the last week.
Those two are one bookpage each: 11 x 16,5 cm.
6,5 x 8, 25 inch.

 Below is a fantasy of me.
I call it : the old pharmacist.
If you are interested to see more of my paper collages, go to my Flickr page HERE>

08 February 2011

new fabric-book pages

 I made this fabric book page for Maureen in Australia. Maureen's theme is Autumn.
This page is made with my embellisher machine. I have made a needlefelt background from colored sheep fleece and silk roving. The mushrooms are made separate and than punched on the background.
Some embroidery stitches and a few embellishments.
Below the page Monika in Germany made for me. My theme in this round is Japan/ China.
Monika made a ginko leaf.
I like it very much.
Those pages are 15 x 15 cm. ( 6")

01 February 2011

table runner and mug-rugs

 This is the table runner I made last week and quilted in the  weekend.
I had so much fabric strips left from this quilt and didn't know what to do with it. On a nice day I saw a quilt on Flickr and that give me the idea to use the left-overs.
When the table runner was ready there were just a few fabric strips left.
 Just enough to make two mug-rugs to go with the table runner.
The size is 55 x 157 cm.
 It goes to DD1 .
They have a large dark brown dining table.
 I hope they like it.