30 June 2011

Little book swap, recieved

Today I got my three little books from the little book swap at Lenna's.
They are só lovely.  They are from Sarah Boblit,( with the fabric cover)Corinne Marie ( pink cover and folded pages) and Maggie Muller ( green book with large rings and fabric paper pages with lovely images). Thank you all very much for making those little treasures!
The little books I have sent away a long time ago are HERE.

27 June 2011


Recently I have knitted four pair of socks. All are made of sock yarn 75%wool,25% nylon.
 Needle 2,5 mm. (US 1,5) More information about yarns and pattern here.

22 June 2011

fabric book-pages again

 Above the fabric book page I have made for Anne in Germany. Anne's theme is 'vintage'.
I made this page in CQ style. The size is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6")
Below the page Evi ( Germany) made for me. The last page for my 'Japan/China' book.
Now I have to make a cover and bind the pages from this swap.

19 June 2011

wisp block 10

Here is the 10th block for my wool quilt. The start of a new round of 12 blocks to make this quilt larger. The size of this block is 20 x 40 cm. (8 x 16 ")
No beads or laces, only embroidery. I use mostly Sassa Lynn threads.

08 June 2011

Fabric-book pages

 This fabric book page has the theme "your own mola".
 I drew a butterfly/moth from an aboriginal painting and made this in mola style.
I have used 5 layers of fabric to get this result.
 The body is the first fabric, second white, third orange, fourth black and on top the dark green.
It flew to Helga in Germany.
 The size is 15 x 15 cm. ( 6")
Below the page I got from Robin ( Australia).
Robin made a page inspired by her favorite painter: Sir Sydney Nolan.
This is a painting from 1970, Paradise Garden series.
An unknown painter for me but that is the fun of my theme: "an impression of your favorite art painting", which I choose for this new swap round in the Fibre Fever group.

07 June 2011

summer ??

The clouds are so low today, only a few hundred meters above sea level. Here a photo out of my window. It is very cold this Spring, today only 11 degrees Celsius.
Do you have nice weather? Please send a bit of it to Norway ;-)