29 July 2011


 I own a little collection of old milk jars. I didn't collect them, they just came to me.
From my mother, both grandmothers and great-grandmothers.
 The same happened with the thimbles. When my children went on holidays they took a thimble home for their sewing mother :) The same did my sister and now my grandchildren also take a thimble home with them for their quilt-sewing granny.
 I have thimbles from all over the world, Guatemala, New Zealand, New York ,USA and many European countries and cities. Each timble tells a story.
Do you like to see more collections?

27 July 2011

planning 2

So far , so good with the planning of the quilt. Now I have sewn the quarter circles in the squares and have 80 squares. The next step is sewing the squares together in strips. Third step: sewing the strips together.
Fourth step: adding a small dark grey border and a larger pink border.

24 July 2011

No words.....

No words for the terrible attack which happened on friday afternoon in Norway.
My thoughts are with the families who lost a dear relative......

14 July 2011


 Planning to make a new quilt for DD1. To use on the couch in the livingroom. A new color scheme :)
It should be ready before the cold evenings arrive. I have bought a template to cut 160 pieces and have started to sew the pieces together now.
It will take some time because the weather is nice and I like to spent some time in the garden too!

07 July 2011

Fabric-book pages

Here is the fabric book page I have made for Helinä in Finland. Helinä's theme is Cezanne.
I have used the painting Bibemus-Quarry as inspiration to make a needlefelt page with some machine stitching.

 This is a page Ritva in Finland has made for me. Inspired by a painting of Egon Schiele.
Not special her favorite painter but she likes those paintings with wonky houses.
I am very pleased with it.
The size of the pages are 15 x 15 cm. as usual.
This swap is a monthly swap in the Fibre Fever group.