26 August 2011

Babette blanket

 For two weeks ago I have started crocheting a Babette blanket.
I started without the pattern but bought it after crocheted two squares.
Then I discovered that my yarn was too thin.
I already bought some which matched nice the yarn I had left from a shawl.
Well I have continued and here are the first five sections sewed together.
I have to extend the original pattern with a round or two but I'll see when I arrive at the end of the Babette  pattern.
My blanket so far feels super soft, I love this yarn!
Merci of Filcolana bought at 123 knit.dk
I also have a few skeins of Arwetta extra fin merino.
Use crochet needle 2,5 mm.

22 August 2011


 In our backyard we have a little greenhouse. Only 9 square meters.
 Mainly for growing vegetable seeds in the early Spring when it is too cold outside.
When the little plants are big enough they go in the kitchen-garden outside in the front of our house.
The only place where we could have a kitchen-garden is in the front of our house because it is flat there. As you see the backyard isn't!!
This photo above is taken in June.
 DH has planted little green bean plants in the start of the Spring in the tiny greenhouse and now we have green beans :)  The harvest has started!
 A bucket full of the nicest green beans I ever have had from our garden.
Outside in the garden the green bean plants only have flowers, no bean at all because of the cold, wet weather this year.
We had a nice meal yesterday and the rest went in those preserving jars for the coming winter.

21 August 2011

Some CQ

 This is a DYB (do your block) block for Candji in the Yahoo group Crazy Quilt International.
The theme of this round is 'tone on tone'.
I was the quilt angel for this round. One of the members had to drop out.
It was the fifth block which I had to embroider. Lucky for me I could see what the others have done on the other four blocks. They are all very beautiful.
Below a photo of all six blocks. just click on the photo to see it large.
Now the blocks are returned to Candji in the USA and she herself must do the last block and assemble them to a wall hanging or whatever she wants.
The size of one block is 15 x 15 cm. 6".

18 August 2011


 This morning DH and I picked the gooseberries from the two bushes we have in our garden.
About 6kg. wonderful sweet berries in spite of the bad,wet, cold summer we have here.
 With every 1750 grams of berries I added 250 grams of soaked dried apricots and 2 kg. sugar.
(I smash the apricots with the blender before I start cooking the jam.)
The apricots give this jam a lift and an unexpected nice taste.
 After a day hard work I had 17 and a half jar of fine jam.
Very good for breakfast on a slice of home baked bread :)
My shelf in the cellar cupboard starts looking nice with the new supply of homemade jam!

14 August 2011

potholders and socks

 Because Anne på landet has had a potholder week on her blog, I couldn't avoid the let you see the potholders I have made. This is the third pair, they are for me!
The pattern is from Anne and I like it very much. take a look on Anne's blog, you 'll see much more nice work!
They are large which is nice and they are double. The back is more simple.
No burned fingers anymore when I take my bread out of the oven.
 That's always very hot: 225 degree Celsius!
The size is 21 cm diameter, a bit more than 8 inch.
I made them from Gjestal bomull sport and crochet hook 3mm. Nice cotton yarn to work with and the potholders are thick and sturdy.
 Below the latest pair of socks I have finished. I call them Tomato socks because of the color :)
Shoe size 41 EU. Made from Trekking hand dyed, super yarn to knit with!
Very elastic too and the user ( my DD1) says they fit perfectly.
Pattern HERE. And not difficult to knit.
I have to say that I only used the pattern for the motive, the heel and toe are knitted in my own way.
I used 70 stitches instead of 60 as the pattern said.

09 August 2011

Fabric book-pages

 I have made this fabric book-page  for Juliette (GB).
Juliette's theme is 'the landscapes from van Gogh'.
I made this page on my embellisher machine from colored sheep-fleece. And added some stitches with embroidery threads.
The title of this painting by Van Gogh is called: willows in sunset.
The size of those pages is 15 x15 cm. 6".
Below the page I have got from Peggy (USA) in my theme: an impression of your favorite art painting.
Peggy made an flower painting with sequins and embroidery. The painting is called:
Yellow lady slipper by Bob George.

05 August 2011

busy day

Today was a very busy day. First thing we did this morning was picking the black currants.
(solbær på Norsk) ( voor de Nederlanders: een kruising tussen zwarte en rode bessen)
I had good help from DH :)
We picked over 8kg. from two bushes.
The next step was to clean the berries from the leaves, spiders ;) and stalks.
I have frozen 2 kg, to use later and cooked jam of 6 kg. berries.

 Two kilogram berries and two kilogram sugar at one time.
 That's the right amount, you get delicious jam !
It took the whole afternoon to make the jam. 16 jars with filled sunshine :-D
 After making the jam I had a handful berries left, just enough to make
muffins . Instead of blueberries I used the solbær and because I didn't have brown sugar I used white.
But they taste good!!
Now I had just enough energy left to let you know what I did today.
How was your day?

03 August 2011

Circles of Love

The circle quilt is ready :)
I am happy with it. It is machine sewn and machine quilted.
Quilting the circles was not as easy as I thought. Special in the middle when I had a bulk of fabric between the needle and the machine.
So a little mistake can be spot here and there ;) Nobody is perfect!
But the most important thing is that the quilt is made with love!
I made the quilt for my DD to use on the couch in the living-room.

I made the back of two different fabrics. My DD liked the fabric in the middle very much but I didn't have enough of it, so a bit of grey was added on both sides.
The size of the quilt is 196x158 cm. ( 77x62")
The inspiration for this quilt came from Amanda. Thank you crazymomquilts !
Below a detail.

01 August 2011

quilt update

 Here a little update from the quilt I am sewing at the moment. The top, batting and back are layered now and pinned with safety pins. I hope I have it quilted in a few days.
Below a couple of potholders which I have crochet in the evenings.
Made from Gjestal cotton, hook 3 mm. They are double and very thick. No burned fingers anymore! Size 20 cm. diameter. 8".