30 December 2012

CQJP 2012, December block

This is the last block of my Crazy Quilt Year Project 2012.
It says Christmas but also mourning.
Black and silver-grey fabrics and beads.
I have used some vintage buttons which I got from a friend this month. Also the silver and red leaves were in the same gift.
The huge snowflake is a piece of bobbin lace which I have made many years ago.
It is made from linen thread.
 The block is 20 x 20 cm. Now I have to make the fabric book of the twelve blocks.
I like to wish you all a very nice new years eve.

24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Dear Blog friends, I like to wish you a merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate at this time of the year. Thank you all for your support in the past five months. It has given me much.
My December CQJP block is almost ready, just a few beads and stitches to go....

19 December 2012

CQJP 2012 November

 Here is my CQJP block for the November month. In November we always set up a bird house and a tree branch on the veranda fench. When there was a bit snow at the end of October the birds came and looked if the food was there. So I took the tools my DH always used to set up this and a few minutes later the birds came.

02 December 2012

knitting work

A while ago I have knit 4 Christmas tree balls for my youngest daughter and her children.
 They are in the Netherlands now.
The patterns are from the book which I used last your also. (click)

21 November 2012

CQJP 2012, October

Here is my CQJP block for the October month.
It says Autumn. In October I was working in the garden, cutting the old flowers away with help from my daughter and grandson.
On the days I was alone, my little cat followed me everywhere. Meowing when I went too far from the house towards the sea.
The rest of the flowers lost their colours and the leaves were blowing away in the wind.
At the end of the month all the trees got naked branches.
I have used the vintage glass pieces again, there have been some frost days as well. Icy and cold.
This block will be the tenth page in my fabric book 2012.
The size is 20 x 20 cm ( 8") .

15 November 2012

table runners

 Last week I made two table runners. The one above for my daughters diner table.
Made from rests in purple and grey.
When I was preparing my meal, my cat thought this is my place to sleep this evening.
Clean and warm ;-)
I forgot to take a photo when it was ready, so this is all what I have to show.
The size is approximately 135 x 60 cm.
The table runner below is for my own little table. Also simple made from the fabrics I had in my stash. Size 110 x 55 cm.

29 October 2012

CQJP block September

On September 4th 2012 there was a nice rainbow in the sky. I made this photo quickly trough my living-room window that day.
It was the day of the memorial service for my dear Simon.
When I had to sew and embroider the September block for my monthly page in my fabric book, I couldn't do anything else than embroider that rainbow on shirt fabrics.
Used shirts.
I also made a music line.
The music which was played when we left the church.
The lace butterflies are the symbol that life never ends.
My DH will be in my heart forever and his spirit will guide me in difficult hours.
The little glass beads are my tears.
They come often....
The lace flower was in the gift package from Nicky Lee.
The size of the block is 20x20 cm ( 8")
Now I shall start with the October block.

25 October 2012

heart warming mail

 The past week I have got lovely mail again. In my mailbox was a little package from Leslie E.
 A six inch fabric page, silk ribbon to use later and a kind letter.
 Yesterday I had an other surprise: a yellow envelope from Nicky Lee. Lovely painted lace, a few enamel fish and also a kind letter.
 And last but not least, a fabric page with a heart from Wilma with some wise words on the back.
Dear friends, thank you very, very much. It warms my heart in this difficult time of my life.
Knowing that I am not alone with my grief and sorrow.
Below a photo taken this morning out of my livingroom window, snow and storm, only one degrees Celsius!

10 October 2012

CQJP August

Here is my August block for the Crazy Quilt year Project 2012.
It is made from a well used jeans and three well used shirts from my DH.
I have embellished it with garden- and sea themed things.
The piece of hand made lace ( I think it is crochet) was enclosed by one of the comfort hearts I received last month. I added it because of that fact and because it looks like a sea wave.
The little fish was also a gift from one of the FF ladies.
The lovely glass beads are vintage and are a gift from Susan Elliot.
The size is 20 x 20 cm.
This block is a homage to my Simon and the things he liked to do.

05 October 2012

comfort hearts

 Here are the heart pages I got from the Fibre fever group members after my DH past away.
The first one from Nel and Trees, the rainbow from Annet, the wool-felt from Marja and the last one from Janny.
 The first CQ one from Ritva, the second CQ from Helinä, the purple CQ from Margreet with  6 crochet tiny butterflies, the water one from Maureen because my DH loved the sea so much.
 The red padded heart from Kate, the CQ with the ribbon from Hideko, the pink with heart beads from Helga and the red wool one from Evi. They all are 6" square.
Below the beautiful art card I got from my blog friend Hannie.
Dear friends thank you very much ! It has helped me much to go trough  sad days when I found such heart warming mail in my mailbox.

02 October 2012

CQJP, July block

This is my crazy quilt block for the month July.
July 21st  I had my 70th birthday. We have had a lovely day with family and neighbours.
We had coffee, tea and cakes in a gallery in our village.
 They also have a nice little cafe. And they serve the most delicious plum cakes.
I sewed this block just before my birthday and had the intention to embroider it right after that day.
Than I was too busy with guests and work in the garden.
I thought, I'll finish it next week, the first week in August.
Than we got the message that my DH was very ill and I didn't have time and energy to finish it.
But now it is ready and I am happy with it.
The size is 20 20 cm. ( 8 inch)
As you remember my CQJP blocks will tell something about what I did in the year 2012. At the end of this project it becomes a fabric book with 12 pages.
Now I have to sew the block for the month August.......

28 September 2012

sewing again

This shabby chic heart is made for a member of our Fibre Fever Group: Anne.
She lost her husband one day before I lost my Simon.
In the Fibre Fever group we are used to sew  book pages in a theme for each other and swap them.
When the ladies in the group  got the message from Anne and me they decided to sew a book page with a heart on it for both of us.
It took a while before I found my way to the sewing table again.
But now the result is here and I am happy with it.
I hope Anne will like it too.
The size is 15 x 15 cm.
It is made with old laces and a fabric back where I have written some words to Anne.
In a short time I shall take photos of all the heart–pages I have received in the past weeks. They are beautiful and made with love.
It goes up and down with me. I have good days and bad ones.
The most difficult time of the day is the evening when I eat my diner alone. And after that when I sit in the living room and see TV programs which we used to watch together.
But I hope it will go better day after day.
I started sewing the CQJP block for the month July.
That was the month when I had my 70th birthday.
 You will see it soon here on my blog.
Thank you all for your kind letters and comments in the past weeks!

19 September 2012

gift and baking day

 When I opened my mailbox today I found a fat yellow envelope all the way from Australia. In that envelope was a lovely gift from my blog friend Suzy Q. I admire her work very much and now I am the owner of one of her special large tags. It is much more beautiful in real, the photo doesn't justice it.
Thank you dear Suzy, it warms my heart!
Below the result of my baking today. Two whole wheat breads and ginger muffins made with fresh ginger.
If you could smell it ;-)  Most of it goes in the freezer...
I have started stitching but it goes slow.
So much paperwork to do...

09 September 2012

Thank you

 Dear friends,
Thank you very much for your kind words in the comments which I have received the past weeks.
It is still very hard for me to be alone and I cry much tears now and then.
But I have to go on with my life and be strong. I promised Simon.
I hope I have the time and spirit to take up the sewing needles the coming week.
Hugs, Ati.

01 September 2012

The love of my life

                                            Simon, 22-01-1941~~~~ 30-08-2012

17 August 2012

sad message

Dear blog readers, It has been a month that I have published some needlework.
 Much has happened since.
My DH is very ill. He has cancer and there is no cure. Pancreas cancer.
He is at home with me and stays at home until the end of his life.
I hope you understand that I have no energy or inspiration left to make textile things.
I am sure that I in the future will take up my needles again.
But for now I need my energy to come trough this difficult part of my life.

20 July 2012

needlefelt cards

This week I made a few needlefelt cards for coming birthdays in the Fibre fever group.
The background is made from colored sheepfleece and fancy yarn.
 I embellished them with needlelace flowers bought from Rengin's etsy shop.

16 July 2012

DYB block

This DYB block is an extra block in a DYB round in the group CQ-Europe.
The swap was almost finished and the last block was embroidered by Ritva. She had sent six blocks in the mail to Romania and they never arrived :(
I am the moderator of the group and asked the other ladies in the group to make a new block and send them to Annamaria in Romania.
This is my contribution and it goes in the mail tomorrow.
I hope this one will have a safe journey!

04 July 2012

CQJP 2012 June block

This is my crazy quilt block for the CQJP 2012.
When I had sewn the Sea-River quilt ready, lots of bits and pieces were left.
And because I want that the crazy quilt journal project becomes a reflection of my work in 2012 I made a sea block for June.
At the end of this year I'll make a fabric book of all 12 blocks.
The size of this block is 20 x 20 cm. (8")

30 June 2012

beautiful mail

Today I found great mail in my mailbox.
 The found poem I won a while ago on the blog of Jo in New Zealand.
 It is a great piece of Jo's art!
 Jo added also zentangle cards, they are great too!
Thank you very much Jo :)
I shall frame the poem and hang it on the wall in my sewingroom.
You find more of Jo's art on her blog and in her Etsy shop

 Below the very nice card I got this week from Ineke. She paint on fabric and stitch afterwards.
I love her cards.
You can see more HERE on her blog.
Thank you very much Ineke :)

24 June 2012

Friends Forever

This collage is a home decoration in shabby chic style. I have made it from many different fabrics and laces from the same dye lot. I have add a old photo printed on fabric and a few vintage buttons.
 Some hand embroidery and machine stitching.
The size is without the hanging strip: 9x11". 23x28cm.
It is for sale in my Etsy shop.

18 June 2012

DYB block

 This is the last DYB (Do Your Block) in this round. It is for Helga in Germany.
The blocks are 15 x 15 cm. (6").
I like this set very much :)
They are going in the mail today to Germany.
Below all the six blocks from Helga.
She has to embroider the last one and make something nice out of them.

14 June 2012

girl in pink

fabric/lace collage. Ca. 24 x 30 cm without the hanging strip. (10 x 12 ")

10 June 2012

Sea- River- quilt

 Yesterday I finished the blue quilt.  The side above is called "Havet" ( the sea) and the side below is called "Elva" (the river).
I am very happy in two ways.
 First how the quilt turned out :) and second that my drawer with blue cotton quilt fabrics can be closed again!
 I still have some rests of course but that doesn't matter.
 Sometimes I need a little blue piece for my crazy quilt projects.
This quilt is machine sewn and machine quilted.
 The size is nice for a single bed: 160 x 210 cm. ( 63 x 82,5")

09 June 2012

show and tell

Last week the ladies of the Nordfjord Quilteklubb went on an afternoon surprise trip as they always do at the end of the bee season. The committee which organised the surprise trip asked me a few months ago if I could do a show and tell in a nice location in the village I live.
And I said yes.
So, last Tuesday I brought some of my quilts, lace collages and CQ work to the Doctorgarden.
 A lovely cafe and gallery here in Selje.
It was a very nice evening. The ladies, all quilters, were very interested in my CQ work.
 It might happen I teach a CQ class in the Autumn at the Nordfjord Quilteklubb.
Here are two pictures and if you like to see and read more, it is HERE and HERE.

08 June 2012

Friday work, outside and inside

 In the garden (park) on the backside of our house DH is mowing the paths.
 Every two weeks it is necessary in the summer.
 Not many flowers yet, it has been too cold in May. But in a few weeks.. :)
Mowing the lawn in the front of our house is a weekly job!
 I am baking muffins and in the meantime I sew the binding round the "Sea" quilt :)
Most of the muffins go in the freezer.......

04 June 2012

sewing strips ready

This is the best shot I could manage from the strips backing, standing on a stool ;)
The size of this piece is now 218 x 170 cm. enough for the back of the Sea quilt-top.
 I have several meters strips left!
Which I 'll use for the binding.
This side looks to me as a river with all the shades of blue, grey and green and wrinkles in the water.
 There are some fish too and salmon flies ;-)
  The season to catch wild salmon in the rivers has started June 1st  in Norway!
Sewing this side wasn't difficult but very boring.
Now I have to pin the top and back together and quilt it.
to be continued :)

03 June 2012

sewing strips...

Now I am sewing strips. It takes a little more time than the lady on the video from yesterday !! I have sewn for 5 hours now and not ready yet!
I guess that the quilt top she made is not as large as I want it.
I have now about a 100cm wide and 218 cm long. I still don't know if I have enough strips....hope so :)
It is very bad weather outside, much rain and very cold!! only 6 degrees Celsius.
 Good sewing weather ;-)

02 June 2012

making jelly rolls

 After sewing all the 108 blocks together I had to decide how to make the back of the "sea" quilt.
Inspired by the method how this lady made a quilt , I have cut up the rests of my blue and teal fabrics into jelly roll strips. 6,5 cm wide. ( about 2,5 ")
It took the whole day between breakfast and cooking diner to iron and cut the fabrics.
I have no idea if I have enough for the back of the Sea quilt, which measures 210 x 160 cm.
Time will learn when I start sewing the strips. I don't think I can do it in 45 minutes ! LOL
I have much short strips too. It is a gamble!
To be continued.

31 May 2012

108 Havet blocks

108 blocks ready. Now I have to sew them together. First in rows and than into a quilt-top.
 Hope my cat leaves the blocks untouched now. In the night she made a mess of it ;-o)
  So, I have to sew every bit together today!