29 January 2012

beautiful day!

 On thursday and saturday I machine quilted this quilt for my neighbour. She sewed the top!
This is a quilt for a little girl and the size is for a single bed.
And I made a fabric book page in CQ style which I have sent to Australia now.
I forgot to make a photo of it :-(
Below a view to the east from my house. We have such beautiful weather today!

24 January 2012

a new block for my wool quilt

Again a block ready for my wool quilt. size 20 x 40 cm.  (8x16")
The TAST stitch samples are in the future on my Flickr photosite.

21 January 2012

wisp block 12

Again a block ready for my wool quilt. Size 20 x40 cm. (8x16") The pink pieces are not that pink but more magenta. It is difficult to make nice photos with flashlight.
Five to go of this size and four corner blocks.

18 January 2012

Journal: Treasures of the past.

The journal is ready. If you like to see all the pages large and read what I have written below them about the stuff which is sewn on the pages; go to my Flickr photo stream and click on next photo until you have seen all 12 :)

17 January 2012

CQJP 2012, January block

 Here is my January block. The size is 8 ".
I 've planned to make a kind of calendar from the 12 blocks.
We don't have snow yet so my block is mostly green with a bit of white from the few snowflakes and the hail storms.
It is unusual weather for January this year. Even the meadows around our house are still green and our neighbour farmer has the sheep out every day!

13 January 2012

tresures of the past

 I am making a journal called: Treasures of the past. I have inherited so many needlework treasures, just bits and pieces. Some unfinished.
I also got beautiful bits and pieces from my friend Eva K.
When I keep it all in a box, what will happen to those bits and pieces when I am gone?
That's why decided to make a journal to keep it all together.
I make single pages and double pages and try to arrange it free.
Just a bit shabby chic style like my other journals.
To be continued.....

07 January 2012

fabric-book pages

 This is the fabric book page I made for Ritva in Finland. Ritva asked for "Hundertwasser".
I sewed lines from a building on the background and made needlefelt 'trees'.
Below the page Helinä also from Finland made for me.
She likes paintings from the painter CĂ©zanne and this is her interpretation.
I like it very much.
Those pages are 15 x 15 cm.

01 January 2012

new start

The start of a whole new year!
It lies in front of us and we are free to fill it with our dreams and wishes.
The year is empty as the CQ blocks below, white and clean.
It is up to all of us what we do this year.
So many choices. I hope we all make the good ones.
I wish you all a happy, healthy and creative new year!

Those blocks will travel trough Europe soon. Every member of the group has to embroider one block. They will come back to me in a six months time.
 In the meantime I have to embroider the blocks of the other ladies.