28 February 2012


I am following the class "Hari-kuyo Needlebook E-course"given by Susan Elliot.
Here is the start, making the cover. I have ready the other parts which we shall use the coming lessons. Susan is a lady from the tiny details in her work and so are her lessons. She makes a notice of every little detail.

25 February 2012

Pebble ready

My first pebble. I am not sure if there comes second one. It is addictive though..
I used whipped wheel stitch, french knots, raised cup stitch, buttonhole stitch, bullion stitch, cast-on stitch, drizzle stitch.
The size is about a CD. I didn't get a real stone from the shore. I used an CD with batting and sheepfleece.
When you would try to make one for yourself, HERE is the how to do link.

24 February 2012

Pebble adventure

It seems that on Stitching Fingers many members are joining a pebble adventure in the subgroup Hand Embroidery. When I looked a the pebble it was love on the first sight. I had to try it!
But I didn't own a embroidery hoop, I never use one.
 But for this project it is necessary.
Yesterday I bought an 8 inch hoop. It was the only size available in the little shop I have in the little town nearby.
Yesterday evening I have started right away and had done this. It is very addictive :)
Today I am working further on this project. When the weather becomes a bit better in the weekend I 'll go to the shore to find some pebbles to sew in the fabric.
Now it is raining cats and dogs and storm!

20 February 2012

block number 16

Block number 16 for my wool quilt. One more to go of this size and the four corner blocks.
This size is 20 x 40 cm. (8 x 16 ")
I cannot write any longer that is is my WISP quilt (Work In Slow Progress).
The embroidery work goes faster now, so I call it now WIP :)

18 February 2012

next block wool quilt

 The next block for my wool quilt. Doing the TAST stitches every week and a few extras, the embroidery goes faster now than last year. I am determined to finish this quilt this year!
Below you see the planning. I have two empty blocks on the left side and four corner blocks to go.
And the new seams which come when I sew everything together.
But I am nearly finished  :))

12 February 2012

Romance in the rose garden.

CQ wall-hanging. Made from a baggie what I got from Hideko in 2008.
size 46cm (18") square.
See the photo from the start two posts below.
I have made more detail photos, they are on my Flickr photopage.
 Just click on the next photo when you are there :)
The border is not made from fabric yet!
I made it with a photo program :))
I have to buy fabric for the border in the right colors. That can take a while. I don't have fabric stores here. The nearest is three hours by car and a ferry. It has to wait to Spring.

10 February 2012

baking day

Baking day today. I like to bake many things in one day. The table dusty with flour, the oven heat and everything ready in one day. Muffins with topping in the freezer. Norwegian 'boller' and 'hvetestanger' , half part in the freezer. ( glazing them later). Dough for two whole corn breads are rising in the bowl.
 If you could smell it......or taste....  LOL

09 February 2012

finishing things

 Last week I was looking for something in one of my fabric boxes and also found this CQ block.
Sewn in January 2008 from a swap baggie I got from Hideko. ( Japan)
I wasn't happy with the block and have put it away with other ufo's.
When I had a better look on it I saw why I didn't like it in 2008.
I took the block with me to my sewing room and began to remove things. Much better right away.
I couldn't leave the block in a box forever, the fabrics are to nice for that! There is an almost white piece, it is old kimono silk with a stylish dragon woven in it. And other nice fabrics all from Japan.
I have added more to the seams and add and little crochet doily from my grandmother's stock.
Made a plan for the rest of the block. It is large! 46 cm ( 18").
I am stitching on it every day now and maybe next week I can show it to you.
Below how it looked yesterday.

04 February 2012

fabric book pages

 This is a fabric-book page for Robin in Australia. Robin asked for pages in green/blue. I made a page in CQ work. The lace is light blue. It looks more green on the photo. Making a good photo is very difficult with silk fabrics. Below a page I got from Helga in Germany. Helga made a page for me from a painting from Ton Schulten.
 Below a page for me from Maria in Portugal. Maria made a page from an textile artist named: Joanna Vasconselos, it is named ; the Princess. This page is a few months late due family illness at Maria's.

02 February 2012

Wisp block 14

I don't like spiders but what is a crazy quilt without a spider web? I had to make one on block 14!
Size 20 x40 cm. The lavender is made with feather stitches.

01 February 2012

DYB rr block

This is a "tone on tone" DYB block for Annamaria. Annamaria sewed six beautiful blocks, three pink and three violet. I choose a violet one to embellish. Stitched all the seams and added beads. I painted a lace butterfly with Ozecraft to go with the centre piece. A few stem-stitch roses in the corner.
The size is 15 x15 cm. (6").