02 February 2012

Wisp block 14

I don't like spiders but what is a crazy quilt without a spider web? I had to make one on block 14!
Size 20 x40 cm. The lavender is made with feather stitches.


Johanna Zweden said...

Weer zo een mooie Ati, zit te genieten

bubbygigi said...

Ati, I love the lavender and the seam treatment to the right of it. I don't like real bugs but seem to love them on crazy quilts.

Wieke van Keulen said...

Dit spinnetje vind ik ook wel ok! Erg leuk staat het in je blok; echt top!

Hannie said...

Mooi Ati met het spinnenweb! Het is telkens een verrassing wat je maakt!

s♥ndr♥ said...

Hello, I looove your blog very much because I also love crazy quilting. I would like to make a spider web. Yours is beautiful. How to become a crazy quilting around the world member, if you please?
Best regards,


Ati. said...

Sandra, because I can't reach you with mail I hope you read this.
The CQAW group is sleeping.
Try this international group:
Push the join button and you will see.