31 March 2012

last day of March

 The view out of our livingroom window this morning, surprise!
Below from my kitchen window. Poor little tulips which almost are blooming.

25 March 2012

fiber page for Janny

This fiber book-page is made for Janny in the Netherlands.
Janny's theme is: Flowers in bold colors.
I made the needlefelt background from colored sheep-fleece on my embellisher machine and embroidered flowers on it.
The yellow flowers are made with embroidery wool and the violet flowers with perle 5.
The size of those fiber book pages is 15 x 15 cm. (6")
The page which I should have in March is a little late, it comes from Germany....

21 March 2012

Kaffe Fasset/strips top ready

After a week with intensive sewing, cutting and sewing again I declare this top as ready.
It was not as easy as I thought it should be. Very different sizes of all elements, it was like I had mixed up three jigsaw puzzles and tried to make one puzzle of all the pieces!
When laying it on the floor yesterday afternoon, I discovered a few major bumps.
So I had to rip out a few long seams and make them a bit more narrow.
That was not a problem because nothing is straight in this quilt! LOL
 I didn't have enough fabric for the light border, so I "invented" a solution to sew the strips trough the border and added a bit of green too ;)
I shall cut everything straight when I have the batting.
It becomes a square quilt, about 210 x 210 cm, 84 x 84 inch.
I couldn't take a better picture, the border on the bottom isn't on the photo, sorry.

20 March 2012

no squares,no circles, strips!

 Sew progress. I really don't know if I like it :o)

17 March 2012

When all else fails.... long story!

 When we, DH and I, visited our youngest daughter last Autumn I got a gift from her.
 A quilt-book with quilts made from Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
 Hint.. hint ?? I asked her. Yes, no, but yes :) was the answer.
 I like the quilts in this book, she said, specially the one on the cover.
O, NO, I said, I don't want to sew that one. It should be large too, queen size for her bed!
Okay, she said, an other is OK too, I like those fabrics and the bold colors, special the reds.

 Home again I started collecting Kaffe Kasset fabrics, bold colors and some lights for the contrast.
No idea yet what to sew from it.
 I bought enough for a front and a back of a large quilt. ( I think;)
 After a wash and a iron day in February I began too cut the fabrics.
Totally out of my comfort zone with those large patterns!
 Sewed circles, I think it looks nice! Then I asked DD : do you like a circle quilt , such as this one I made for your sister?  Answer: no mam, thanks, no circle quilt for me.
 I did a new try, wonky Log Cabin. I liked it even better, more free style :)
Question to DD: do you like squares?? Such as the wonky log cabin I made for you last year?
 But larger blocks and an other pattern. Answer: no thanks ma, no squares.
Than the other book at the beginning of this story came in my mailbox.
 Great book to sew up all the left-overs of your fabrics.
 The author of this book,Rayna Gillman wrote on page 6: "when all else fails, sew strips".
So I do !!
And on an other page she wrote, nothing can go wrong!!
I LIKE that :))
And DD 2, this was a teasing post ;) don't take everything serious :-D
Love you, mam. xx

14 March 2012

BD cards

In a group I am in, we send each other BD cards. The last days I made three for coming birthdays :)

11 March 2012

Needlebook ready

The needlebook from the class I did is ready to use.
 It looks lovely and very practical in use.

05 March 2012

CQJP 2012 February

This is my second block for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012. It is February.
 I make the blocks at the end of every month so that I know how this month has been.
 February has had unusual weather, almost no snow and much!! rain.
 I have added a few white lace pieces for the snow and I sewed much raindrops ( read glass-beads) on this block.
The snowdrops were blooming in the garden.
At mothers day ( In Norway in February) I got roses from my daughter and it was valentine day also. ( The hearts fabric :)
My CQJP blocks are 20 cm square. (8").

04 March 2012

knitting: hat and gloves

I have knitted this slouched hat and the practical fingerless gloves from 100% merinowool.
Brand: Lana Grossa Bingo melange.
Great blue-purple color.
Nice baggie hat for woman and teenage girls. Very soft and warm.
It was for sale in my Etsy shop. Sold now.
My daughter is the model.

02 March 2012

DYB block for Ritva

Yesterday I finished my embroidery work on this DYB block.
The naked block is sewn by Ritva. She made beautiful white/creme blocks and asked us to use mainly white or a very pale color. I have added a little bit of pale green and lilac.
Now the blocks go to Germany, there are still four empty block in this package.
The block is 20 cm square. (8")