19 April 2012

fabric book pages

 This is a fabric book page I made for Anne in Germany.
Anne's theme is Oriental.( India/Persia) I made a festive elephant from India.
Hand embroidery on silk fabric. I have used Sassa lynne perle fine and silk embroidery threads.
The journey from Norway to Germany took five weeks for the elephant, I was very scared that it was lost in the mail. But yesterday Anne wrote that the envelope had arrived. Hurray!
Below a page that Helga in Germany made for me. It is a stained glass painting by Marc Chagall.
Helga saw this glass window in the church in Mainz. It is a detail from the window of king David with his harp.
Those pages are 15 x15 cm. (6")


Hannie said...

Een lieve olifant,en zo prachtig geborduurd! Helemaal in stijl op zijde.Een gelukkige olifant!

Maar je Chagallraam is ook magnifiek! Ik heb een boek van Chagall,waar dit raam instaat.Erg mooi weergegeven.

Anna said...

Ati,wat een prachtige olifant!!
zo mooi geborduurd!
Het blauwe Chagallraam is ook erg mooi.
Groetjes Anneke

Annet said...

Wat fijn dat je olifant toch nog is aangekomen.

Jeannette said...

Very glad to read that your beautifully stitched elephant arrived safely! David with a harp looks fabulous!!

FLUITJESPIET (Verzamelaar van Fluitjes / Whistles). said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Ati!
What a wonderful elephant! Unbelievable!! Glad to see it.
And the glass window fabric book
page ist so beautiful too.
Thank's Ati.
Eva from Austria, Wels

Marie Costa said...

WOW! Both pages are gorgeous!

cq4fun said...

Your elephant is so gorgeous! I wish I had thought of something like that for a friend who had a stroke - we're all making blocks, elephants or hearts, because she loves elephants. That is such a special page, lucky woman.

Merete Isabell said...

OMG!!! How beautiful!!! :) Love it!

Merete Isabell said...

Wow!! Love it!!! :)