31 May 2012

108 Havet blocks

108 blocks ready. Now I have to sew them together. First in rows and than into a quilt-top.
 Hope my cat leaves the blocks untouched now. In the night she made a mess of it ;-o)
  So, I have to sew every bit together today!

29 May 2012


Start of a new quilt, called "Havet". (the sea) 7" blocks. I use only fabrics from my stash, try to empty my blue drawer using the dark and the light blues.

26 May 2012

Needle-felt cards

Four birthday cards made with the embellisher and a wet-felted little ball. I sewed on little beads to get more structure.  In the Fibre Fever Yahoo group we send birthday cards the year round. It is nice to have a few in stock.

23 May 2012


Fabric/ lace collage.
Size about 34 x24 cm. (13,5 x 9,5 ") without the hanging strip.

22 May 2012


At least Spring has come to my part of Norway and garden too :)

19 May 2012

CQJP, block May

When I sewed the block I showed you yesterday, I also sewed a block from the same fabrics for the CQJP 2012 challenge. I finished the embroidery yesterday.
This block is 20 cm ( 8") as all my CQJP blocks are.
They will end up in a year journal.
 Normally I am not a "button-cluster" person.
But on this block I found out that a cluster from tiny vintage buttons was just the right thing to sew on.
I like the patina which old mother of pearls buttons have.
They are all from my grandmothers button box.
The tiny button down has a small gold edge and three ! holes. I had to use my beading needle to sew it on. Wonder on what piece of clothes it has been in the past?

18 May 2012

naked CQ block

The past days I sewed a new CQ block. The printed picture was a gift from Maureen.
 I've got it a long time ago.
I have finished my ufo's and now it was time to make a nice wall-hanging with the lovely picture.
The block is 40 cm (16") square.
The embroidery will take some time but I'll keep you informed :-)

14 May 2012

DYB block

 This is a DYB (do your block) block for Magdalena in Germany. The reason I added some pale pink is that the other ladies also did it. ( see below) I made some little yellow flowers from Mokuba ribbon and painted a lace item with Ozecraft dye. This block measures 15 cm (6") square.
Four blocks are ready now, two to go,one to embroider by Helga and the last one is for Magdalena herself.

10 May 2012

sentimental journey

Vintage lace / fabric collage. 26 x 35 cm.

01 May 2012

Lace collages

 Perrin's caramels lace collage. Mostly from old laces and crochet pieces.
 Size approximately 25 x 30 cm ( 10x12")
The vintage labels are printed on fabric.
Freebies from the graphics fairy.
Below a  lace collage called balsamique.
Made from old laces and crochet pieces. size approximately 25 x 35 cm. (10 x 14") 
This one was confiscated by my daughter the minut it was ready!