30 June 2012

beautiful mail

Today I found great mail in my mailbox.
 The found poem I won a while ago on the blog of Jo in New Zealand.
 It is a great piece of Jo's art!
 Jo added also zentangle cards, they are great too!
Thank you very much Jo :)
I shall frame the poem and hang it on the wall in my sewingroom.
You find more of Jo's art on her blog and in her Etsy shop

 Below the very nice card I got this week from Ineke. She paint on fabric and stitch afterwards.
I love her cards.
You can see more HERE on her blog.
Thank you very much Ineke :)

24 June 2012

Friends Forever

This collage is a home decoration in shabby chic style. I have made it from many different fabrics and laces from the same dye lot. I have add a old photo printed on fabric and a few vintage buttons.
 Some hand embroidery and machine stitching.
The size is without the hanging strip: 9x11". 23x28cm.
It is for sale in my Etsy shop.

18 June 2012

DYB block

 This is the last DYB (Do Your Block) in this round. It is for Helga in Germany.
The blocks are 15 x 15 cm. (6").
I like this set very much :)
They are going in the mail today to Germany.
Below all the six blocks from Helga.
She has to embroider the last one and make something nice out of them.

14 June 2012

girl in pink

fabric/lace collage. Ca. 24 x 30 cm without the hanging strip. (10 x 12 ")

10 June 2012

Sea- River- quilt

 Yesterday I finished the blue quilt.  The side above is called "Havet" ( the sea) and the side below is called "Elva" (the river).
I am very happy in two ways.
 First how the quilt turned out :) and second that my drawer with blue cotton quilt fabrics can be closed again!
 I still have some rests of course but that doesn't matter.
 Sometimes I need a little blue piece for my crazy quilt projects.
This quilt is machine sewn and machine quilted.
 The size is nice for a single bed: 160 x 210 cm. ( 63 x 82,5")

09 June 2012

show and tell

Last week the ladies of the Nordfjord Quilteklubb went on an afternoon surprise trip as they always do at the end of the bee season. The committee which organised the surprise trip asked me a few months ago if I could do a show and tell in a nice location in the village I live.
And I said yes.
So, last Tuesday I brought some of my quilts, lace collages and CQ work to the Doctorgarden.
 A lovely cafe and gallery here in Selje.
It was a very nice evening. The ladies, all quilters, were very interested in my CQ work.
 It might happen I teach a CQ class in the Autumn at the Nordfjord Quilteklubb.
Here are two pictures and if you like to see and read more, it is HERE and HERE.

08 June 2012

Friday work, outside and inside

 In the garden (park) on the backside of our house DH is mowing the paths.
 Every two weeks it is necessary in the summer.
 Not many flowers yet, it has been too cold in May. But in a few weeks.. :)
Mowing the lawn in the front of our house is a weekly job!
 I am baking muffins and in the meantime I sew the binding round the "Sea" quilt :)
Most of the muffins go in the freezer.......

04 June 2012

sewing strips ready

This is the best shot I could manage from the strips backing, standing on a stool ;)
The size of this piece is now 218 x 170 cm. enough for the back of the Sea quilt-top.
 I have several meters strips left!
Which I 'll use for the binding.
This side looks to me as a river with all the shades of blue, grey and green and wrinkles in the water.
 There are some fish too and salmon flies ;-)
  The season to catch wild salmon in the rivers has started June 1st  in Norway!
Sewing this side wasn't difficult but very boring.
Now I have to pin the top and back together and quilt it.
to be continued :)

03 June 2012

sewing strips...

Now I am sewing strips. It takes a little more time than the lady on the video from yesterday !! I have sewn for 5 hours now and not ready yet!
I guess that the quilt top she made is not as large as I want it.
I have now about a 100cm wide and 218 cm long. I still don't know if I have enough strips....hope so :)
It is very bad weather outside, much rain and very cold!! only 6 degrees Celsius.
 Good sewing weather ;-)

02 June 2012

making jelly rolls

 After sewing all the 108 blocks together I had to decide how to make the back of the "sea" quilt.
Inspired by the method how this lady made a quilt , I have cut up the rests of my blue and teal fabrics into jelly roll strips. 6,5 cm wide. ( about 2,5 ")
It took the whole day between breakfast and cooking diner to iron and cut the fabrics.
I have no idea if I have enough for the back of the Sea quilt, which measures 210 x 160 cm.
Time will learn when I start sewing the strips. I don't think I can do it in 45 minutes ! LOL
I have much short strips too. It is a gamble!
To be continued.