28 September 2012

sewing again

This shabby chic heart is made for a member of our Fibre Fever Group: Anne.
She lost her husband one day before I lost my Simon.
In the Fibre Fever group we are used to sew  book pages in a theme for each other and swap them.
When the ladies in the group  got the message from Anne and me they decided to sew a book page with a heart on it for both of us.
It took a while before I found my way to the sewing table again.
But now the result is here and I am happy with it.
I hope Anne will like it too.
The size is 15 x 15 cm.
It is made with old laces and a fabric back where I have written some words to Anne.
In a short time I shall take photos of all the heart–pages I have received in the past weeks. They are beautiful and made with love.
It goes up and down with me. I have good days and bad ones.
The most difficult time of the day is the evening when I eat my diner alone. And after that when I sit in the living room and see TV programs which we used to watch together.
But I hope it will go better day after day.
I started sewing the CQJP block for the month July.
That was the month when I had my 70th birthday.
 You will see it soon here on my blog.
Thank you all for your kind letters and comments in the past weeks!

19 September 2012

gift and baking day

 When I opened my mailbox today I found a fat yellow envelope all the way from Australia. In that envelope was a lovely gift from my blog friend Suzy Q. I admire her work very much and now I am the owner of one of her special large tags. It is much more beautiful in real, the photo doesn't justice it.
Thank you dear Suzy, it warms my heart!
Below the result of my baking today. Two whole wheat breads and ginger muffins made with fresh ginger.
If you could smell it ;-)  Most of it goes in the freezer...
I have started stitching but it goes slow.
So much paperwork to do...

09 September 2012

Thank you

 Dear friends,
Thank you very much for your kind words in the comments which I have received the past weeks.
It is still very hard for me to be alone and I cry much tears now and then.
But I have to go on with my life and be strong. I promised Simon.
I hope I have the time and spirit to take up the sewing needles the coming week.
Hugs, Ati.

01 September 2012

The love of my life

                                            Simon, 22-01-1941~~~~ 30-08-2012