28 September 2012

sewing again

This shabby chic heart is made for a member of our Fibre Fever Group: Anne.
She lost her husband one day before I lost my Simon.
In the Fibre Fever group we are used to sew  book pages in a theme for each other and swap them.
When the ladies in the group  got the message from Anne and me they decided to sew a book page with a heart on it for both of us.
It took a while before I found my way to the sewing table again.
But now the result is here and I am happy with it.
I hope Anne will like it too.
The size is 15 x 15 cm.
It is made with old laces and a fabric back where I have written some words to Anne.
In a short time I shall take photos of all the heart–pages I have received in the past weeks. They are beautiful and made with love.
It goes up and down with me. I have good days and bad ones.
The most difficult time of the day is the evening when I eat my diner alone. And after that when I sit in the living room and see TV programs which we used to watch together.
But I hope it will go better day after day.
I started sewing the CQJP block for the month July.
That was the month when I had my 70th birthday.
 You will see it soon here on my blog.
Thank you all for your kind letters and comments in the past weeks!


Marjolein said...

Ik ben blij dat je terug bent.
Natuurlijk zal het tijd kosten je draai weer te vinden. Maar op een dag zul je merken dat je weer enigszins "normaal" functioneert.

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Dear Ati, condolences for your loss,it is never easy to lose someone you love, but life goes on and as time passes it becomes easier to live with the loss, good to see that you blogging again, you have made a very beautiful page for your friend, take care of yourself.
Hugs Anni

tiny said...

Je hebt er een heel mooi hart van gemaakt, en fijn dat je de moed weer opgebracht hebt om iets te gaan maken. Je ups en downs zul je houden, en toch wordt het op een dag milder. Na het verlies van onze dochter dacht ik ook dat ik nooit meer plezier kon maken, en ook dat is weergekomen, al blijft er altijd een randje zitten. Heel veel sterkte de komende tijd Tiny

Ineke Hulzebos said...

Wat een prachtig hart heb je gemaakt! Ik ben blij voor je dat je toch weer de moed hebt om iets nieuws in elkaar te stikken.
Liefs, Ineke

Katherine Wolak said...

A beautiful heart my dear, and created with such care> :)


Janny de Roo said...

Telkens weer delete ik mijn berichtje, niet wetend wat ik echt zal moeten schrijven.....Wetend wat verlies is en vervolgens niet de woorden vinden voor jou.....nou ja, meid : van mij een dikke knuffel en ik ben blij voor je dat je weer iets met je hobby doet......!!!!

Wendy said...

The heart you made is beautiful Ati! So glad to hear that you are sewing again. Sending big hugs to you and may each day bring a piece of joy and laughter back into your day.

Lottie said...

What a wonderful heart you have created, and its so wonderful to read that you have had the support of your sewing circle and have received some hearts. I am sure that they bring you a lot of comfort - knowing also that a lot of people are thinking of you and sending their warmest wishes

Quiltefia said...

Hei! Så flott at du syr igjen!! Gode tanker til deg i en tung tid!! Annek:-)

margaret said...

I am so touched that your group make these hearts, so much love and support here, in time to come you will look at your pages and I am sure will continue t get great strength from them. Hang in there Ati we are all supporting you.
Good you are back op your stitching, I find it so calming and do not know what I would do without my needle.

Tammy said...

Dearest Ati, it is normal for you to have those up and down times at any given moment on any given day. You just take care of yourself and continue to do what you love. So wonderful of the sewing group to make heart pages for you and Anne who have both experienced loss. Your heart is so very lovely and of course will be treasured by Anne herself. Hugs and blessings to you both, Tammy

Hannie said...

Ook ik vind het moeilijk om woorden te vinden bij dit verdriet... Maar wens je sterkte en vind het knap zoals je probeert weer in het ritme te komen. Zal erg moeilijk zijn.

Anneke said...

wat is dit super mooi werk Ati.
ik ben er weg van.
liefs van an

Storme said...

Dear Atti, beautiful heart, I admire your courage take one day at a time. God bless

Emmy said...

hallo Ati ben even een rondje blogjes aan het doen en nu bij jouw aangekomen was je een beetje uit het oog verloren maar wat een naar bericht lees ik weet niet goed wat te zeggen wel wens ik je heel veel sterkte en met blijdschap zie ik dat je toch weer probeert iets te maken en zo als altijd weer heel mooi een dikke knuffel
liefs Emmy

Julie said...

Ati, you are doing very well and it's lovely to see you are managing some sewing. Your heart page is beautiful. I have been where you are now with so much paperwork. You will get through it and it will get less. Keep going, you are doing well.

Jen said...

when you feel alone at dinner, please remember you have many strangers from around the world thinking of you. It isn't the same, I know, but we are with you in spirit.