29 October 2012

CQJP block September

On September 4th 2012 there was a nice rainbow in the sky. I made this photo quickly trough my living-room window that day.
It was the day of the memorial service for my dear Simon.
When I had to sew and embroider the September block for my monthly page in my fabric book, I couldn't do anything else than embroider that rainbow on shirt fabrics.
Used shirts.
I also made a music line.
The music which was played when we left the church.
The lace butterflies are the symbol that life never ends.
My DH will be in my heart forever and his spirit will guide me in difficult hours.
The little glass beads are my tears.
They come often....
The lace flower was in the gift package from Nicky Lee.
The size of the block is 20x20 cm ( 8")
Now I shall start with the October block.

25 October 2012

heart warming mail

 The past week I have got lovely mail again. In my mailbox was a little package from Leslie E.
 A six inch fabric page, silk ribbon to use later and a kind letter.
 Yesterday I had an other surprise: a yellow envelope from Nicky Lee. Lovely painted lace, a few enamel fish and also a kind letter.
 And last but not least, a fabric page with a heart from Wilma with some wise words on the back.
Dear friends, thank you very, very much. It warms my heart in this difficult time of my life.
Knowing that I am not alone with my grief and sorrow.
Below a photo taken this morning out of my livingroom window, snow and storm, only one degrees Celsius!

10 October 2012

CQJP August

Here is my August block for the Crazy Quilt year Project 2012.
It is made from a well used jeans and three well used shirts from my DH.
I have embellished it with garden- and sea themed things.
The piece of hand made lace ( I think it is crochet) was enclosed by one of the comfort hearts I received last month. I added it because of that fact and because it looks like a sea wave.
The little fish was also a gift from one of the FF ladies.
The lovely glass beads are vintage and are a gift from Susan Elliot.
The size is 20 x 20 cm.
This block is a homage to my Simon and the things he liked to do.

05 October 2012

comfort hearts

 Here are the heart pages I got from the Fibre fever group members after my DH past away.
The first one from Nel and Trees, the rainbow from Annet, the wool-felt from Marja and the last one from Janny.
 The first CQ one from Ritva, the second CQ from Helinä, the purple CQ from Margreet with  6 crochet tiny butterflies, the water one from Maureen because my DH loved the sea so much.
 The red padded heart from Kate, the CQ with the ribbon from Hideko, the pink with heart beads from Helga and the red wool one from Evi. They all are 6" square.
Below the beautiful art card I got from my blog friend Hannie.
Dear friends thank you very much ! It has helped me much to go trough  sad days when I found such heart warming mail in my mailbox.

02 October 2012

CQJP, July block

This is my crazy quilt block for the month July.
July 21st  I had my 70th birthday. We have had a lovely day with family and neighbours.
We had coffee, tea and cakes in a gallery in our village.
 They also have a nice little cafe. And they serve the most delicious plum cakes.
I sewed this block just before my birthday and had the intention to embroider it right after that day.
Than I was too busy with guests and work in the garden.
I thought, I'll finish it next week, the first week in August.
Than we got the message that my DH was very ill and I didn't have time and energy to finish it.
But now it is ready and I am happy with it.
The size is 20 20 cm. ( 8 inch)
As you remember my CQJP blocks will tell something about what I did in the year 2012. At the end of this project it becomes a fabric book with 12 pages.
Now I have to sew the block for the month August.......