10 October 2012

CQJP August

Here is my August block for the Crazy Quilt year Project 2012.
It is made from a well used jeans and three well used shirts from my DH.
I have embellished it with garden- and sea themed things.
The piece of hand made lace ( I think it is crochet) was enclosed by one of the comfort hearts I received last month. I added it because of that fact and because it looks like a sea wave.
The little fish was also a gift from one of the FF ladies.
The lovely glass beads are vintage and are a gift from Susan Elliot.
The size is 20 x 20 cm.
This block is a homage to my Simon and the things he liked to do.


sasyvonne said...

So beautiful mom <3....

Susan Elliott said...

Oh Ati. I cried when I read this. What a beautiful way to love and honor your husband. Big hugs to you, dear heart...Susan

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Ati
Simon will be smiling! It's a beautiful tribute from your heart. Those wonderful red roses and his love of the sea (both things my husband loves too).
One day at a time.
Shane ♥

Lottie said...

I heartily agree with the lovely sentiments of the other posts. What a unique 'tapestry' of memories and a wonderful heirloom for your family in the future.

Sending love and best wishes

Such wonderful photos and memories

margaret said...

Ati this ia a lovely tribute to your dear Simon and thank you for sharing your photos of him with us, take care

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello dear Ati
What a wonderfully healing act using some of your husband, Simon's, well loved and used shirts in this piece.
Your continued love for your dear husband will live on in these pieces.
Bless and love and hugs,
Suzy xox

Ольга Т. said...

Прекрасный блок. Глубокий смысл и вечная память. Спасибо!!!

feltfree på Åsly said...

Its looking gorgeous.

Hannie said...

Wat heb je deze mooie foto's prachtig verwerkt in het blok. Zo heb je naast de gedachten aan Simon ook wat meer tastbare herinneringen, al zul je die ongetwijfeld veel meer hebben!
Lieve groet Hannie

crazyQstitcher said...

My eyes are wet at your wonderful tribute to a fine man.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Ati,
So happy to see you sewing again.
What a lovely tribute to your beloved husband.
Incorporating all the love you had and have for him into your work helps you heal!

Ineke Hulzebos said...

Wat een kostbaar en prachtig blok, vol met lieve herinneringen aan je man.
Liefs, Ineke

Ati. said...

Annet says:
Heel mooi, Ati. Het kant is hairpin lace, in het Nederlands heet het guimpehaakwerk.

Lada said...

Dear Ati,
I am used to follow you on flickr, and I didn't know about this blog. I would like to tell you that only such a kind heart can create such beautyful things. I always enjoy your works. I am very sorry about your lost. Remember, we are with you. Hugs,

Storme said...

Atti wonderful piece ,and the pictures thanks for sharing.
God bless sheila

Margreet said...

Je herinneringsblok, heel speciaal.
Mooi verwerkt, je wordt er stil van als je daaronder ook de foto's van Siem ziet.