02 October 2012

CQJP, July block

This is my crazy quilt block for the month July.
July 21st  I had my 70th birthday. We have had a lovely day with family and neighbours.
We had coffee, tea and cakes in a gallery in our village.
 They also have a nice little cafe. And they serve the most delicious plum cakes.
I sewed this block just before my birthday and had the intention to embroider it right after that day.
Than I was too busy with guests and work in the garden.
I thought, I'll finish it next week, the first week in August.
Than we got the message that my DH was very ill and I didn't have time and energy to finish it.
But now it is ready and I am happy with it.
The size is 20 20 cm. ( 8 inch)
As you remember my CQJP blocks will tell something about what I did in the year 2012. At the end of this project it becomes a fabric book with 12 pages.
Now I have to sew the block for the month August.......


margaret said...

this is a beautiful block Ati, it will bring back lovely memories of your 70th and the good time you had with family and friends.
I wondered what you would do with thw blocks, now I lknow that it will be a book.

Gillie said...

I wish I could come and watch you work on your beautiful blocks and learn!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is lovely, and I love your color choices.

Hannie said...

Ik kan me voorstellen dat je hoofd er niet naar stond afgelopen zomer, maar nu is het toch een prachtblok geworden!
Ook bekeek ik je andere crazybloks
Een mooie serie!

tiny said...

Het is een geweldig blok geworden!!! Groeten Tiny

Marjolein said...

Mooi, rustig, delicaat blok. Het doet denken aan een prachtige warme zomerdag.

Lottie said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Ati - I am so glad that you managed to finish it - your book is going to be truly stunning.

Ольга Т. said...

Нежно и очень красиво!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ati!
A wonderful block, I love the colors and details. Such a pretty composition.
Take care of you when making the August block.
Lots of hugs,
Eva from Austria

Janny de Roo said...

Je bent weer lekker bezig Ati....een heel mooi blok, waarin ik de zomer wel kan voelen....!

Storme said...

Beautiful Ati, can't wait to see your finished book . I'm with Gillie wish I could come and watch you and learn.

Margreet said...
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Margreet said...

Dit blok zal voor jouw een speciale herinnering zijn, koester het.

Márcia said...

Lindo trabalhos, quando posso venho ver o que tem feito gosto muito. Só agora vi a grande perda que teve, sinto muito, sinta-se confortada por meu abraço. Márcia

Deborah Jennings said...

Happy Birthday Ati! We share a birthday month. I'm not sure if we share the day or not.

I do love this beauty that you are working on! My favorite colors, too!