26 April 2012

wool CQ ready !

 Ready !! So happy with it  :-D
 Size 154 cm. ( 60,5") square.
It will be used! Very cosy and warm.
Fleece on the back, see next two photos.

24 April 2012

wisp quilt no longer wisp!

 Finally I am pinning my wool quilt with safety pins! I shall tie it on the backside.
 The border is 15cm (6") black wool fabric. I have to make a featherstitch along the border.
 A while ago I bought a super quality dark blue fleece for the back.
 The size is now 154 cm square. ( 60,5") It is not a WISP anymore !!
Can one be proud of one self?? Don't know , but I am !
Below the four corner blocks I made last week.
After sewing the blocks together many new seams came up. Every seam is embroidered now.
It is made from one magenta blouse, one royal blue blouse, one checkered skirt, two black skirts, one purple dress, all from the '80. Wool fabrics!

23 April 2012

last fabric-book page

This is the last fabric-book page I got today from Birgit from Germany.
Birgit made a modern art page for me.
I like it very much. Now this swap is done and I can make my fabric book from the art pages.

21 April 2012

CQJP blocks March and April

 Here is my April block for the CQJP 2012.
When I sewed my last four corner blocks for my wool quilt I made one extra block for the CQJP journal.
I'll make a fabric book of my blocks. A page for every month of this year.
I hope the book will reflect what I did this year.

A little late but here is my March block.
The month March I have been very busy to sew a large quilt for my youngest daughter.
All Kaffe Fasset fabrics. 
From the leftovers I made this block. It represent March for me in my CQ journal 2012.

20 April 2012

block nr.17

This is the last rectangle block for my wool quilt. size 20 x 40 cm. ( 8x16")
Now I only have four corner blocks to go :)
Embroidered with Sassa Lynne perle fine.

19 April 2012

fabric book pages

 This is a fabric book page I made for Anne in Germany.
Anne's theme is Oriental.( India/Persia) I made a festive elephant from India.
Hand embroidery on silk fabric. I have used Sassa lynne perle fine and silk embroidery threads.
The journey from Norway to Germany took five weeks for the elephant, I was very scared that it was lost in the mail. But yesterday Anne wrote that the envelope had arrived. Hurray!
Below a page that Helga in Germany made for me. It is a stained glass painting by Marc Chagall.
Helga saw this glass window in the church in Mainz. It is a detail from the window of king David with his harp.
Those pages are 15 x15 cm. (6")

15 April 2012

quilt with two faces

"go wild" side.

classic side
   A quilt for my DD2 bed.
All Kaffe Fasset fabrics. Machine sewn and machine quilted.
 Size: 210x210 cm. 83x83 inch.
 The "go wild" side is made from Kaffe Fasset fabrics and some others.
I guess my DD will use the classic side on her bed.
Which side do you like most ?
Here is the story how this quilt began :)

14 April 2012

Spring Socks

As my regular readers know, I often knit in the evenings.
A while ago I finished a pair of socks. In a pretty pattern, very stretchy.
Spring colors and good quality yarn. My DD feet are the models :)
They are for sale in my ETSY shop.

11 April 2012

the winners are..

Here are the winners of the Give away. Out of a bowl with 47 papers I drew two names.
 It was so close to the 50 comments :)
Thank you all for the lovely comments on the give away.
Brigitte and Lia, please send your home mail address to my email: molenweg3 (at) yahoo.com
and your present will come by mail to you!

09 April 2012

round robin block

This round robin block is from a set of six in a DYB ( do-your-block) RR. This is for Margreet. Margreet sewed six naked blocks and we, in the group, have to embroider one each.
It is a "tone on tone" RR. Margreet has blue/green/teal blocks.
Very difficult to make a good photo of those shiny fabrics.
The block measures 15 x15 cm. ( 6")

03 April 2012

Give away



Because I saw last week that I have got 300 followers :)  I like to have a give away to celebrate.
I made two fabric/lace collages and added a half yard of fabric for the quilters ;)
The only thing you have to do, is, to leave a comment below this post.
Please write in the comment what you like to receive if you win.
A, Gypsy Princess (wallhanging made from vintage fabrics, vintage laces, vintage velvet trim, vintage buttons, size approximately 30x23cm, 12x9 ")
B, half yard of Kaffe Fasset fabric.
C, Sweet daisy May ( wallhanging made from vintage laces, vintage velvet trim, vintage button, size approximately 30x23cm, 12x9 ")
Come back wednesday after Eastern, I might need your snail mail address!
If there are more than 50 entries I give away two items!
Good luck!
Happy Easter to you!

01 April 2012

first day of April

 The back side of the Kaffe Fasset quilt is ready too.
It is the other side of THIS quilt top.
 It is folded in four and hanging on a chair on the attic until I have bought batting.
Below a photo on the living room floor without the small dark and the wide light borders.
Today I see that I have got 300 followers!
I' ll have a give away very soon to celebrate  :)