25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Just a little peep in my new home with some Christmas decorations.
I wish you all a merry Christmas .

17 December 2013

an other home

Dear blogfriends, slowly I settle in my new home. Not all the moving boxes are unpacked, that will take a while.
My furniture and all my things arrived on December 5th. It is 12 days ago now. The living room is more or less free from boxes but in the guestroom is a pile :(
I try to have a bit Christmas with my tiny tree ;)
It is still a strange idea that I live in the Netherlands again, noisy, filled with people everywhere, large supermarkets, many cars and bicycles on the roads.
 It is a huge difference compared with the little peninsula in Norway where I lived almost 12 years.
But I am sure I get used to it again.
In the boxes I found my 12 CQ blocks which I sewed a year ago to participate the CQJP 2013.
 I didn't finish one of them. No time nor energy.
So I will embroider them next year, 2014. One block for each month.
I am looking forward to it!
I promise to keep my blog alive too and show again what I am doing.
The past year was not easy and I had so much other things to do and to think about.

18 October 2013

a change, moving

Dear blog friends.
 I have to make an appoligize to all of you. 
 No embroidery or quilting to see.
 I have made two shabby chic journals as gifts but didn’t take photo’s.
The few of you who follow me on facebook are a bit updated now and then.
The last months have been very busy for me.
In the summer it was the garden which took all the time I had.
Later my health became not good, I struggle with high blood pressure and a sore back.
After a  long struggle with my feelings and many tears I have decided to sell this beautiful spot and our house.
I shall move to the Netherlands. To the area I come from.
I have found a nice senior apartment, so called 55+,  and shall move in the next month.
It will be a big change, we came here 12 years ago in Norway and have had the intension to grow very old here.
Unfortunately it didn’t work out the way we had hoped for.
When I am settled in my new home I really hope I can pick up my hobby’s again and finish fabric books and crazy quilts which are halfway.
I hope to have more time to write my blog and keep you updated what I am doing.
At the moment my livingroom looks like a warehouse ;-)

Until then, hugs, Ati

03 July 2013

garden work

 Last week I had to cut the garden paths agian. It is much work but I love the result.
 It looks so nice when it is done :)

27 June 2013


Midnight at my place. The photo doens't justice the beauty of the colors. There is more light near the ground. The trees are green in real, not black.

18 June 2013

garden work

Dear blog friends. It is a long time ago that I have written something here.
 I have much garden work to do in the Spring and don't have time and energy left to do CQ work.
The garden is very ! large and I hope I can manage to keep it tidy enough.
You see, I planted 8 rows of green beans today in the kitchen garden. They were grown up in our greenhouse. Today the weather was nice and the plants are strong enough to plant outside.
Now the nature has to do the rest!
The embroidery and quilting things are not out of my mind and I am sure I start in the Autumn again.
I made a shabby journal a few weeks ago and forgot to take pictures, it was a gift to a friend.
Last weekend I have wet-felted some objects, I shall take photos when it is ready.
I am on Facebook too and post every day there. Not always important things but when you have facebook too you can find me :)

15 May 2013

Lovely package in the mail

Today I got a package in the mail all the way from Romenia.
A while ago  Annamaria Kövér ( click) had a give away on her blog and I won this eyeglass case.
Annamaria makes the most beautiful things and her work is outstanding! 
Very precise and neat.
She has an  Etsy shop (click)  too and I will recomend her shop warmest.
Thank you very much Annamaria, I 'll use it :)

08 March 2013

Little Spring table runner

I sewed a little Spring table runner to get the Spring feeling indoors.
 Outside in the garden it will take a month...

08 February 2013

the day of the broken needles

Today, 8 February, is the day of the broken needles.
For 2 years ago I made a needle book in a class teached by Susan Elliot.
I have used it since.
The last page in that needle book is for the broken needles.
They have served me a long time but suddenly there was a moment that they broke.
I have saved them in my needle book and it was the meaning that I should bury them today.
But because of the frost in the ground and the snow I have to do it later this year or wait to next year.
In Japan every year is a ceremony to honour the needles which have been used and are broken.
 They place them in a piece of tofu and bury them later.
Everything has a soul and should be handled with respect, they believe.

last page
my needle book

03 February 2013

here I am

 No handwork this time. No excuses either. But I did something else.
I have painted the living room. It took almost two weeks to get it ready.
Much work, but I am glad I did it. It is so much lighter in the house.
We had planned that almost a year ago and it should be ready before Christmas.
 But than my DH became ill and you know the rest.
When I was ready with the painting, the snow came and I had to clean up the drive every morning.
 It is a long drive!
I shall try to embroider my CQJP 2013 January block the coming week and sew the February block at the same time.
Thank you for your patience with me ;-)

08 January 2013

start new blanket

I couldn't help myself but I have started a new crochet blanket.
I use the other one daily and I like to have a second one in other colors.
Now I use a bit thicker yarn than the first one.
Senjagarn from Gjestal AS, Norway.
It is 80% superwash wool and 20% nylon. I use crochet needle 3,5 mm.
It doesn't go fast, there are other things to do also.....
So far, so good :)

01 January 2013

Happy 2013 to you !

A new year has started. What will it bring?
I like to wish you a good health, prosperity and much creativity!
card from my private card collection.