03 February 2013

here I am

 No handwork this time. No excuses either. But I did something else.
I have painted the living room. It took almost two weeks to get it ready.
Much work, but I am glad I did it. It is so much lighter in the house.
We had planned that almost a year ago and it should be ready before Christmas.
 But than my DH became ill and you know the rest.
When I was ready with the painting, the snow came and I had to clean up the drive every morning.
 It is a long drive!
I shall try to embroider my CQJP 2013 January block the coming week and sew the February block at the same time.
Thank you for your patience with me ;-)


Ineke Hulzebos said...

Wat knap van je, om deze mega-klus te klaren! Het zal best opgeknapt zijn.
Mooie foto van de sneeuw en uitzicht!

Hannie de Beer said...

Een gigaklus geklaard, knap hoor, zal zeker heel mooi zijn!
En wat een mooi gezicht die sneeuw, al kost het je elke dag veel werk.


Hello Ati, I look forward to seeing your finished painting project. Wow it looks like you all have as much snow as we have. It is so blustery and cold here too. Hugs Judy

Julie said...

Your world is white Ati, like ours was a couple of weeks ago. It will be lovely to have more light in your home. I'm glad you are well and busy.

Ellen said...

Wat een mooie lichte kamer,hier krijg je vast weer inspiratie van .
Gr Ellen

Gerry said...

There is something very theraputic and comforting about a freshly painted room. I hope you enjoy the light and the freshness.

Take care with all that snow shoveling.

Know that I think of you often. Take care, dear friend.

Storme said...

Hi Ati, happy to see all is well,you truly are in a winter wonderland beautiful , but a lot of work.
Looking forward to your next projects. Take care. Sheila

margaret said...

good to hear from you Ati, you have been in my thoughts.
Good job you have done there and clearing the drive sounds a major job to me, it is not fair that you clear it and then more snow comes!!

I would not know where to start for decorating.

Johanna Faber said...

Hi Ati fijn te horen dat het goed met je gaat, en dat je de energie hebt om aan je huisje te werken
Wat ziet het er schitterend uit bij jullie, ook hier ligt nog veel sneeuw
Fijne maandag groetjes Joke

Annet said...

Na een fikse schilder klus knapt het lekker weer op allemaal.
Dat buiten plaatje is werkelijk een plaatje. Zo mooi.

Groeten Annet

Suztats said...

There is something very enticing about a newly painted room. Perhaps it is all the possibilities in filling it back up! The added lightness and brightness will be a bonus for stitching. Hope the snow stays away now, and gives you some time to be creative. Hugs

tiny said...

Knap van je dat je het gedaan hebt, en dat het goed gelukt is. Geweldig die sneeuw, maar ja, heel veel werk om je straatje vrij te houden.
Groeten Tiny

Annet said...

Wat een megaklus, ik doe het je niet na!

Marina said...

Hola Ati estaba procupada sin saber noticias tuyas pero veo que has estado ocupada pintando la casa , este paisaje es una maravilla aunque debe de hacer mucho frio, un abrazo Marina

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Ati. Painting a room is always good. Nothing like the smell of fresh paint and that clean look. I've been house painting off and on for the last 5 months and there's more to go. Hang in there!
best, nadia

desertskyquilts said...

Your old color is about the same as mine, and I want to lighten it, too, but I'm going to let my son do it when he comes this summer - he can pay the rent in painting. =)

traderslostart said...

Anything you create is worth waiting for. Always inspired and beautiful work!