18 June 2013

garden work

Dear blog friends. It is a long time ago that I have written something here.
 I have much garden work to do in the Spring and don't have time and energy left to do CQ work.
The garden is very ! large and I hope I can manage to keep it tidy enough.
You see, I planted 8 rows of green beans today in the kitchen garden. They were grown up in our greenhouse. Today the weather was nice and the plants are strong enough to plant outside.
Now the nature has to do the rest!
The embroidery and quilting things are not out of my mind and I am sure I start in the Autumn again.
I made a shabby journal a few weeks ago and forgot to take pictures, it was a gift to a friend.
Last weekend I have wet-felted some objects, I shall take photos when it is ready.
I am on Facebook too and post every day there. Not always important things but when you have facebook too you can find me :)


Ruth said...

Så dyktig du er. Klem :-)


Hello Ati, It is good to hear from you. You have been missed. your garden looks like it would be more than a lot of work. I am not on face book soooooooooo I will leave you a message here. Have a lovely Summer. Hugs Judy

Lottie said...

Your garden is looking beautiful and your soil so rich - those beans really will thrive

Have a wonderful summer and see you again in the Autumn

God bless

tiny said...

Straks heerlijk boontje eten, Ik had ze gewoon gepoot voor de vakantie , en er zijn er maar 6 opgekomen dus nieuwe gepoot. Hopelijk komen die nog op. Groetjes Tiny

Hannie de Beer said...

Fijn, om weer iets op je blog te lezen!
Ziet er geweldig uit, zo'n veld met zaailingen?
Heerlijk toch straks bonen oogsten!

Julie said...

It's good to see you here Ati and to hear you are keeping busy. It will be lovely to be eating your own vegetables soon.

Anonymous said...
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margaret said...

Happy gardening Ati, you will certainly have plenty of beans to eat, do you sell some or freeze to see you through the winter?Wonder what else you grow, afraid my garden only has shrubs, flowers etc apart from a few fruit trees which I grow more for the blossom thtn the fruit and I also plant dries peas and they grow so quickly to give lovely pea shoots for salads.

margaret said...

I see you have an unwanted comment Ati, you can put on stop on anonymous posts not sure how I did it but it could not have been complicated.

Masha Novoselova said...

Dear Ati, nice to hear from you! yes, your garden is too large!! a lot of work! I wish you all the best and very nice Summer time. and, will waiting another photos or posts from you!

Ineke Hulzebos said...

Wat fijn om weer eens wat van je te lezen. Je tuin staat er goed bij en straks lekker boontjes eten.
Liefs, Ineke

Johanna Faber said...

Fijne midzomer groetjes Joke

Anonymous said...

Dear Ati!
I'm so glad to hear from you. Beeing
not at facebook, I can't take part of
your life and work.
So I enjoy to be able to see your
garden work. In a really big (!) garden.
Lots of hugs my Dear Ati,
Eva from Ausria