18 October 2013

a change, moving

Dear blog friends.
 I have to make an appoligize to all of you. 
 No embroidery or quilting to see.
 I have made two shabby chic journals as gifts but didn’t take photo’s.
The few of you who follow me on facebook are a bit updated now and then.
The last months have been very busy for me.
In the summer it was the garden which took all the time I had.
Later my health became not good, I struggle with high blood pressure and a sore back.
After a  long struggle with my feelings and many tears I have decided to sell this beautiful spot and our house.
I shall move to the Netherlands. To the area I come from.
I have found a nice senior apartment, so called 55+,  and shall move in the next month.
It will be a big change, we came here 12 years ago in Norway and have had the intension to grow very old here.
Unfortunately it didn’t work out the way we had hoped for.
When I am settled in my new home I really hope I can pick up my hobby’s again and finish fabric books and crazy quilts which are halfway.
I hope to have more time to write my blog and keep you updated what I am doing.
At the moment my livingroom looks like a warehouse ;-)

Until then, hugs, Ati