17 December 2013

an other home

Dear blogfriends, slowly I settle in my new home. Not all the moving boxes are unpacked, that will take a while.
My furniture and all my things arrived on December 5th. It is 12 days ago now. The living room is more or less free from boxes but in the guestroom is a pile :(
I try to have a bit Christmas with my tiny tree ;)
It is still a strange idea that I live in the Netherlands again, noisy, filled with people everywhere, large supermarkets, many cars and bicycles on the roads.
 It is a huge difference compared with the little peninsula in Norway where I lived almost 12 years.
But I am sure I get used to it again.
In the boxes I found my 12 CQ blocks which I sewed a year ago to participate the CQJP 2013.
 I didn't finish one of them. No time nor energy.
So I will embroider them next year, 2014. One block for each month.
I am looking forward to it!
I promise to keep my blog alive too and show again what I am doing.
The past year was not easy and I had so much other things to do and to think about.


Ruth said...

Kjære Ati. Så hyggelig å ha deg på bloggen igjen, og det hjørnet du har bilde av var riktig så koselig. Ny godstol, ellers det gode "gamle" kjente. Her har vi vææær, så det holler. Pynter litt her og der til jul. Gleder meg til Britt, Ivar og Zelante kommer lørdag. Ha det fint, vi snakkes en dag. Varm klem Ruth :-)

Ineke Hulzebos said...

Fijn dat de verhuizing al achter de rug is en natuurlijk is alles weer wennen, nadat je zovele jaren hier niet hebt gewoond. Ik hoop voor je dat je je plekje snel genoeg went en wens je veel sterkte.

Liefs, Ineke

Lottie said...

Dearest Ati

I am so pleased that you have moved into you new home in time for Christmas and that you soon make new friends where you live.

It must be a huge change of life for you - but on the plus side, you will have shops and maybe clubs, and local places to visit and get to make new friends. I have missed you and am so pleased that you are back.

Your new living room looks absolutely lovely and your little tree is so sweet.

I have a little home too and so I don't have a tree anymore but this year bought a little evergreen bush - a Bay in a pot, and it has some holly berries added to it and I am going to put coloured baubles on it to make it Christmassey.

Wishing you every happiness in your new home.

Sandies' Patch said...

Ati, your home looks cosy and your little tree is lovely!
Did you make that throw on the back of the chair? It looks like it took some time to make. In a Kaffe Fassett style?
Good luck in your new home and may you be very happy there.

Seasons Greetings to you and may you have a very Happy New Year xxx

Gillie said...

I am so glad to see your post. Best wishes and love for Christmas and the New Year, I look forward to seeing those blocks!


Kjære Ati,
Så koselig du har fått det! Håper flyttingen gikk greit og at du har det bra.
Ønsker deg en fin og fredelig jul og et godt nytt år!

Susan Elliott said...

Many blessings to you Ati. I know this move is very difficult and I admire your courage in moving forward...day by day. I look forward to hearing of your new adventures and seeing your beautiful stitching.

And I see your beautiful Babette Blanket is there with you as comfort! Merry Christmas, dear Ati! Can't wait to have you back here on a regular basis.

Much love, Susan

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear Ati
So lovely to see you blogging again after your big shift! It must be very hard to adjust to this new small place after what you have come from but just think how much your body will thank you for it without having to manage that property and garden on your own.
It looks so cosy there and I hope it will not take too long before you have your heart there. Enjoy all the wonderful things there that you could not have access to before.
At least we can still see where you came from with your blog header.
Have a peaceful and joyful Christmas dear Ati,
Sending warm hugs,

Atie said...

Hello Ati, I'm glad to see you back on your blog.That looks like a Babette's blanket on the chair. I made one of those and it also on a chair in my living room. I wish you contentment in your new surroundings and a great year ahead. Take care of yourself, Atie

Wendy said...

Dear Ati, it is so good to hear from you on the blog again. You are missed so very much. I am happy to see your nice new home. I pray that you will make lots of new memories in the coming years and that any sadness will be replaced with all your good memories. I so admire you for taking on the challenge of moving on and into a new life in a new home. May your home always be blessed and filled with love. I am looking forward to seeing your lovely blocks come to life as you stitch them with love. Your needle work has always inspired me and I am sure these blocks will be as beautiful as those in the past. Blessings to you in your new home. I pray you have a very Merry Christmas and a bright and stress free new year.
Sending big hugz your way,

Rengin Yazitas said...

Dear Ati,
Your new home looks so pretty. I wish you healthy and happy a new life there.
Season's greetings,

Quiltefia said...

Kjære Ati!!
Jeg ønsker deg en God Jul og håper at 2014 blir et bra år for deg!! Jeg synes du er modig som har flyttet tilbake etter så mange år på en liten plass i Norge. Samtidig skjønner jeg at det er en bra ting å gjøre. Lykke til med alt!! Hilsen Anne Kari:-)

Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

Dear Ati, i wish you all the best and a good start with finding good friends in your new environment.

margaret said...

Good to read you have settled in your new home Ati, it will seem strange I live in Leeds which is a city but my heart is very much in the country.
I am sure you will soon settle and think of all the shops hopefully quilting and embroidery shops that will be close at hand.
Have a peaceful Christmas

Hannie de Beer said...

Het zal zeker wennen zijn, na zoveel jaren terug in Nederland, maar je hebt nu wel je familie dichter bij. Zeker nu met Kerst is het fijn, om de warmte van je naaste familie te ervaren.
Heel veel geluk hier !
Mooie Kerstdagen, en een goed begin van 2014
Lieve groeten Hannie
Zou je mij je adres willen mailen tzt?

Emmy said...

welkom terug in nederland Ik hoop voor je dat je gauw je draai weer vind hier
fijne feest dagen en veel geluk voor het nieuwejaar

Ellen said...

sterkte Atie,ik blijf je volgen.

tiny said...

Fijn dat je een beetje op regel komt, het is niet mis van de rust in Noorwegen, wennen aan de drukte van Nederland. Hele fijne Kerstdagen en een heel goed begin. Groeten Tiny

Julie said...

Your new home looks very warm and welcoming. I shall look forward to seeing your CQ blocks grow over the coming year. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas and a better year in 2014. xx

PeggyR said...

I hope you enjoy your new home and have a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ati, I have followed your blogs for more than 3 years, your bloggings (and others liker yours= helped me when I had breastcancer, and I was so sorry to see that you lost your husband, so I was very happy to see that you plan to be back blogging and I wish you all the best in your new home, and in the future. mange hilsener Dorte i Danmark

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Ati. Your new home is lovely. I am so glad to see you back on your blog. I pray God blesses you abundantly, Jane in MO


Wish you all the best, hugs Waltraud

traderslostart said...

We are blessed to have you share with us, God Bless you Ati. You bring so much joy and beauty to so many of us.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour ATI,

tous mes voeux de bonheur dans votre nouvelle demeure.
Soyez heureuse, joyeux Noël !
A bientôt,
Brigitte from France.

Johanna Faber said...

Ati heel veel sterkte in Holland en ja het zal zeker wennen zijn, na al de stilte in Noorwegen,

Hoop dat je de draad weer gauw kunt oppakken, het voordeel is, je hoeft geen nieuwe taal te leren!

Vanuit Zweden wens ik je een hele fijne kerst en voor 2014 een heel gelukkig , gezondheid en liefdevol jaar toe
Groetjes Joke

Debbie S. said...

Merry Christmas Ati, may you find peace in your new home. Looking forward to your stitching adventures in the new year.

Annet said...

Hallo Ati, ik hoop dat je je plekje weer zult vinden. Bedenk goed dat jij degene bent die het tempo bepaald.
Groetjes Annet

Annet said...

Hallo Ati, ik hoop dat je je plekje weer zult vinden. Bedenk goed dat jij degene bent die het tempo bepaald.
Groetjes Annet

Veri M-C said...

Ich wünsche dir eine gelungene "Heimkehr" und
˚ *•✰。 ✰ ✰ Frohe Weihnachten...✰ ✰。✰ •*
liebe Grüsse - Veri

Anonymous said...

Rustig aan en het zal inderdaad wennen zijn!
Het ziet er gezellig uit!
groetjes Jolanda