08 February 2013

the day of the broken needles

Today, 8 February, is the day of the broken needles.
For 2 years ago I made a needle book in a class teached by Susan Elliot.
I have used it since.
The last page in that needle book is for the broken needles.
They have served me a long time but suddenly there was a moment that they broke.
I have saved them in my needle book and it was the meaning that I should bury them today.
But because of the frost in the ground and the snow I have to do it later this year or wait to next year.
In Japan every year is a ceremony to honour the needles which have been used and are broken.
 They place them in a piece of tofu and bury them later.
Everything has a soul and should be handled with respect, they believe.

last page
my needle book

03 February 2013

here I am

 No handwork this time. No excuses either. But I did something else.
I have painted the living room. It took almost two weeks to get it ready.
Much work, but I am glad I did it. It is so much lighter in the house.
We had planned that almost a year ago and it should be ready before Christmas.
 But than my DH became ill and you know the rest.
When I was ready with the painting, the snow came and I had to clean up the drive every morning.
 It is a long drive!
I shall try to embroider my CQJP 2013 January block the coming week and sew the February block at the same time.
Thank you for your patience with me ;-)