27 June 2013


Midnight at my place. The photo doens't justice the beauty of the colors. There is more light near the ground. The trees are green in real, not black.

18 June 2013

garden work

Dear blog friends. It is a long time ago that I have written something here.
 I have much garden work to do in the Spring and don't have time and energy left to do CQ work.
The garden is very ! large and I hope I can manage to keep it tidy enough.
You see, I planted 8 rows of green beans today in the kitchen garden. They were grown up in our greenhouse. Today the weather was nice and the plants are strong enough to plant outside.
Now the nature has to do the rest!
The embroidery and quilting things are not out of my mind and I am sure I start in the Autumn again.
I made a shabby journal a few weeks ago and forgot to take pictures, it was a gift to a friend.
Last weekend I have wet-felted some objects, I shall take photos when it is ready.
I am on Facebook too and post every day there. Not always important things but when you have facebook too you can find me :)