11 August 2014

second Babette blanket ready

My second Babette blanket is ready and I am very pleased with it.
It is crochet of wool yarn , Senjagarn made by Gjesdal AS, Norway. I have used hook 3.5mm.
A extra section is added to make the blanket rectangle, the original pattern is a square.
I started long ago and then I moved to an other house.
 Now I am on holiday in Norway and took everything with me to finish it.
The size is 176x128 cm. but I know it will stretch while using it, at least 10cm on each side. The first Babette I made did that too. It is not pressed, I don't like that. It looks so flat and dead after pressing.

I have much yarn left and start today with a ripple blanket :-)

11 July 2014

CQJP July block

Here is my July block, it says Summer :)
The litte bobbin lace piece in the lower left corner is from a doily my mother made in the '30.

19 June 2014

CQJP 2014 June block

This is my June block.
I am halfway now and have sewn the six blocks together.
Six more to go :-)

01 June 2014

Ready for summer

Today I finished a wall decoration for the livingroom in the summer months. ( 112x80 cm)
A little from Kaffe Fasset and a little from me ;-)
Last week I made a matching tablerunner ( 137x52 cm)
Now the Easter chickens wallquilt and tablerunner are waiting in the box for next year :)

24 May 2014

CQJP May block

Almost forgot to show the May block to you .
The colors are in the same color range as the other blocks. In the end I will make a wallhanging of the 12 blocks. The size is 8 inch.

18 May 2014

Update second Babette blanket

Last weeks I did some crocheting again so my Babette blanket is growing :)
Love the colours!
I use Senja garn from Gjestal AS, Norway ( 80% wool and 20% nylon) and the icy blue and peat brown are Cinnia  from Filcolana , Denmark.( 100% merino wool.) The last one works wonderful because it is tight twined.
Crochet needle 3,5 mm and for the small pieces which have only 2 rounds needle 3 mm.
The part I am making now is section eight.

07 April 2014

CQJP April block

Here is my April block.
 Made from cotton and silk fabrics.
 A piece of antique lace and oya flowers from Rengin 's Etsy shop.
The size is 8 inch.
My health is slowly improving :)

07 March 2014

CQJP March block

Here is my contribution for the Crazy Quilt Year Project for the March month.
The third block. I can make a row now, looks nice :-)
The lace in the lower corner is antique, the very last piece I found in my stash of this kind of lace.
Handmade in Belgium, about 150 years ago, so called: Rijselse kant or Beverse kant.
Original it was used for a lace bonnet in my region were I come from; North-Holland.

23 February 2014

Hexagon sunday...

Long, long ago I started with a hexagon tabletop to use on my garden table.
Unpacking the moving boxes I found this UFO.
Looked at it and found out, there where only 4 flowers missing.
In the past week I made the four flowers and now it is only two rows of green on the outside to finish it off.
I decided to start and I hope that I can use the tabletop this summer on the balcony table ( which I have to buy) , a little round one would be nice :-)

19 February 2014

CQJP February 2014

Here is my February block, it measures 8", 20 cm square.
I have embroidered  alder flowers on it. Along the roads they blossom all the way.
We didn't have much of a winter this year in the North-west part of the Netherlands, no snow at all and almost no frost either.
Outside it feels like Spring already.
Slowly it goes a little bit better with me. It seems that the injection does its work. I need less painkillers and that is a nice start.
It will take a while before I can trow them away all, a very happy day :)
Than I can take the car and go out! Now I am in the house long enough!
In the meantime I embroider further on the next block :)

30 January 2014

CQJP 2014 January

Hello CQ friends. At least here I am again.
 It took a while because of my health which is not very good.
Tomorrow I go to the hospital to get an injection in my spine.
 I so hope that will be the solution for the pain I suffer from since half December.
In the meantime I embroidered a little bit CQ, one seam at a day. I cannot sit on a chair for more than 10 minutes.
This is the first block of 12, all in the same color range.
I had the plan ready last year for the CQJP but that didn't work out.
Now I have made a start for the CQJP 2014.
In the end it will become a wall hanging in the livingroom.
The size of this block is 8 inch, 20 cm square.
I kept the embroidery simple because the fabrics have a pattern also. In the right corner a bit of a crochet doily from my grandmother.