23 February 2014

Hexagon sunday...

Long, long ago I started with a hexagon tabletop to use on my garden table.
Unpacking the moving boxes I found this UFO.
Looked at it and found out, there where only 4 flowers missing.
In the past week I made the four flowers and now it is only two rows of green on the outside to finish it off.
I decided to start and I hope that I can use the tabletop this summer on the balcony table ( which I have to buy) , a little round one would be nice :-)

19 February 2014

CQJP February 2014

Here is my February block, it measures 8", 20 cm square.
I have embroidered  alder flowers on it. Along the roads they blossom all the way.
We didn't have much of a winter this year in the North-west part of the Netherlands, no snow at all and almost no frost either.
Outside it feels like Spring already.
Slowly it goes a little bit better with me. It seems that the injection does its work. I need less painkillers and that is a nice start.
It will take a while before I can trow them away all, a very happy day :)
Than I can take the car and go out! Now I am in the house long enough!
In the meantime I embroider further on the next block :)