19 February 2014

CQJP February 2014

Here is my February block, it measures 8", 20 cm square.
I have embroidered  alder flowers on it. Along the roads they blossom all the way.
We didn't have much of a winter this year in the North-west part of the Netherlands, no snow at all and almost no frost either.
Outside it feels like Spring already.
Slowly it goes a little bit better with me. It seems that the injection does its work. I need less painkillers and that is a nice start.
It will take a while before I can trow them away all, a very happy day :)
Than I can take the car and go out! Now I am in the house long enough!
In the meantime I embroider further on the next block :)


Hannie de Beer said...

Heel mooi ,fijn dat je de draad weer regelmatig oppakt!

Ineke Hulzebos said...

Wat een prachtig blok!

Liefs, Ineke

Rosalien Hanssen said...

Wat mooi en fijn dat het weer wat beter gaat met jou!!!! Groetjes uit Moi

Lottie me said...

Your embroidery is absolutely beautiful and I can just picture the lane/road you describe with the flowers along it.

It is wonderful to hear that you are at last starting to feel a bit better - and I truly hope that soon you feel very much better so that you can get out and about in the Spring and Summer

tiny said...

Een heel mooi blok, en fijn te lezen dat het weer wat beter met je gaat.
Groeten Tiny

Marja. said...

Alles heeft z,n tijd nodig.
afleiding hebben in je hobby is goed, maak er een mooi blok van.

margaret said...

a delightful block. Good to hear the injections are helping and you have spring on your doorstep

Suztats said...

A lovely block! I am envious of your spring arriving....we are still under snow. Glad you are improving.

Annet said...

Fijn dat het weer wat beter met je gaat. Mooi blok!

annet van Kampen said...

Goed om te lezen dat het de goede kant met je op gaat. Je februari blok ziet er ook weer mooi uit.
Groetjes, Annet