29 May 2016


It was busy last weeks, a guest stayed almost a week and a friends husband and father died. But I have made some collages, a few together with my guest which also is a dear friend. Do you know that you can click on the photos to see them large?
acryl paint and magazine klippings in an old book

magazine pieces and a bit paint , old book A4 size

double page in large book A4

double page in old book, acryl paint, napkins

double page in old book, doodles and ONE cut photo.

19 May 2016

last pages Novel Approach workshop

NA#20 spaced out
for now I leave it this way, maybe I'll write something in the empty space later.

NA#21 Caroussel
Pages made in an old book. Acryl paint.

14 May 2016

the book, ready

At least the art journal from the class "Let it Loose" is ready. The last lesson was to bind the pages into a front and back cover of cardboard. We used a simple Japanese binding. I have learned a lot and had a lot of fun using those different techniques to express yourself. Thank you Marit!
front of the book

all 20 pages

inside covers, watercolor paper with wet spots

outside covers, back and front.

12 May 2016

last pages

Last week I made the two last pages for the class: making an art journal. Now I have to make a cover and a back from cardboard and bind all 20 pages into a book.
lesson 10a

lesson 10b

art page made on a workshop, mix media.

03 May 2016


lesson 9 was ment to capture a feeling when you look at those pages.
They are very different.
first page, "happy".

second page
 What do you feel?