15 January 2017

week2 Wanderlust class

Week two of the Wanderlust class was an adventure for me. We made many layers with papers and paint. While listening to my favorite Irish music I was happy, sad, tired and disapointed and happy again. I think I made 8 layers before I had a result I liked. Making layers was the meaning of this lesson.
Here are a few pictures from different stages and the end result.
It is on 20x25 cm ( 8x10") watercolor paper which was not thick enough but...but...
I think I will buy a bigger square canvas next week and try it again.
Do you know when you click on a photo that you can see it larger?
stage 1, 2 , 4 and 6

1 comment:

Robin Mac said...

I love your end result Ati, especially the colours.