17 April 2017

painting weekend

This easter weekend I painted two lessons of the Wanderlust 2017 class. The first one is a little mermaid, it is in a large old book 22x29 cm, acryl paint.
I didn't get the photo good enough, I am sorry, the colors are much better in real. This was on saturday and sunday.

Today monday I did the lesson of week 14 from Jessica Sporn.
This is on watercolor paper 20x25 cm. Acryl paint and paper pieces.
I call it "you never walk alone".


Ineke said...

Ik vind ze allebei erg mooi, maar de zeemeermin heeft mijn voorkeur ;-)
Fijne week

Eva said...

Deat Ati!
My respect to this pages! The mermaid is so lovely and gentle. And the other page - I feel what you want to say.
Best wishes,
Eva from Austria