26 March 2017

altered book pages

 Those two pages are in a normal size book. I made them a while ago.

Below a book cover which I made in a workshop of AVE art school last week. We got a used old book and started with the cover to altered it.
My cover became a bit creepy. I didn't see that while working on it but realized that much later. The next day I decided to dedicate this book to all the people which I loved and have past away.
Below the cover is the double page dedicated to my grandmother which died after I got married. Unfortunately she died just a few months before I got my first baby.
cover of an extra large book

double page made in the large book

19 March 2017


Down memory lane. March 19, 1964.
Collage in old book.

15 March 2017

some paint and print

Wanderlust 2017 lessons week 9 and 10 with a twist from me.
This first one has also gold glimmer mist spray what is not good to photograph. sorry.
intuitive painting and painted paper 20x25 cm

background gelli print and stamping 18x24 cm

the art of layering 20x25 cm
This last one was fun to do. Use one shape on different materials and use a little piece of everything. I made circles on four grids.