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23 May 2012


Fabric/ lace collage.
Size about 34 x24 cm. (13,5 x 9,5 ") without the hanging strip.

10 May 2012

sentimental journey

Vintage lace / fabric collage. 26 x 35 cm.

01 May 2012

Lace collages

 Perrin's caramels lace collage. Mostly from old laces and crochet pieces.
 Size approximately 25 x 30 cm ( 10x12")
The vintage labels are printed on fabric.
Freebies from the graphics fairy.
Below a  lace collage called balsamique.
Made from old laces and crochet pieces. size approximately 25 x 35 cm. (10 x 14") 
This one was confiscated by my daughter the minut it was ready!

03 April 2012

Give away



Because I saw last week that I have got 300 followers :)  I like to have a give away to celebrate.
I made two fabric/lace collages and added a half yard of fabric for the quilters ;)
The only thing you have to do, is, to leave a comment below this post.
Please write in the comment what you like to receive if you win.
A, Gypsy Princess (wallhanging made from vintage fabrics, vintage laces, vintage velvet trim, vintage buttons, size approximately 30x23cm, 12x9 ")
B, half yard of Kaffe Fasset fabric.
C, Sweet daisy May ( wallhanging made from vintage laces, vintage velvet trim, vintage button, size approximately 30x23cm, 12x9 ")
Come back wednesday after Eastern, I might need your snail mail address!
If there are more than 50 entries I give away two items!
Good luck!
Happy Easter to you!

18 January 2012

Journal: Treasures of the past.

The journal is ready. If you like to see all the pages large and read what I have written below them about the stuff which is sewn on the pages; go to my Flickr photo stream and click on next photo until you have seen all 12 :)

30 December 2011

review 2011

A little review from what I did in 2011.
I like to say "thank you " to my blog friends and followers, whether you are just looking or leaving a comment.
Please know that I really do appreciate the fact that you take the time to read and to look what I did.
I wish you all a nice new years eve.

30 May 2011

Paper collages, music theme

 Music theme, paper collages. Above one book page 11 x17 cm. Like the old photo of the little boy who does his utmost to produce a sound out of the trumpet.
 Below a double page, 22 x 17 cm.
Love the photo of the violin player. I placed him in old Europe where the gypsies came from with their magical music.

18 May 2011

paper collages

 I have forgotten to show you 2 paper collages I made a while ago.
 Above a bookpage 11 x 17 cm. Called: A lovely rose.
Below a double page in my Moleskine notebook 14 x 17,5 cm. I named it: Benediction.

20 April 2011

Happy Easter

This little girl ( and I) wish you happy Easter days.
Paper collage. Double page in my Moleskine journal.
Background: torn papers and a bit gesso and some stamping.

26 March 2011

paper collages

 Here are two of my paper collages I made last week for the Green paper collage club.
The idea was to build a background from torn papers and make it look that they fit together.

I gave them both a title.

This one: When I am grown up.....
I also become a famous sea-captain like Michiel Adriaanszoon de Ruyter  ;0)

Bookpage, 11 x 16,5 cm.

This one:
Do I look like the queen?

:o) Queen Wilhelmina also started posing as a little girl!

Bookpage, 11 x 16,5 cm.

(photo: Mrs Inman,( Flickr)

12 February 2011

paper collages

 Here are two of the paper collages I have made lately.
I am in a group called 'Greenpaper collage club'.
We get twice a month instructions and collage sheet which we can use or not.
The collage on the left is a collage I made for Mary Green's challenge of the month February.
I have made several paper collages the last week.
Those two are one bookpage each: 11 x 16,5 cm.
6,5 x 8, 25 inch.

 Below is a fantasy of me.
I call it : the old pharmacist.
If you are interested to see more of my paper collages, go to my Flickr page HERE>

07 December 2010

XL Christmas card

Christmas/ new year card made for my youngest daughter and grandchildren in the Netherlands.
 It is more a fabric collage. The vintage new years card is printed on cotton fabric.
 Size 18x24 cm. ( 7,5 x 10 inch)

04 December 2010

December collage challenge

This is my paper collage for the December challenge from Mary Green.  
In my moleskine, one page: 14 x 9 cm.

03 December 2010

double page: Dublin

Paper collage. Background: paper strips and painted with watercolor paint.
The size is 24 x18 cm.
I have been there in 1999 with DH on a holiday trip trough Ireland.
We spent two days in Dublin.
 Visited the great library in Trinity College, looked at the Book of Kells.
Said "hello" to Molly Malone with her Cockles and Mussels.
Took a pint and listen to the Irish music and read Oscar Wilde's: The Importance of Being Earnest.
As always you can click on the photo to see it large, maybe twice!

13 November 2010

Vintage colors collage, lesson 2

Collage made from a vintage book cover. I also used the spine of the book.
 A vintage card from my collection and the original stamp of that card which I have used too.
 On the right a little piece of vintage lace. The music paper is also old and original.
 In fact, only the stamping is new ;)

( it's a bit early for Merry Christmas and happy new year but I liked the card)

09 November 2010

New online class

Here are two atc's made with the instructions of a online class. This is lesson one. I already have learned some new things to make the paper atc's look prettier.
The class has just started yesterday, it is not too late to join.
Mary Green gives much information for a reasonable price.
Click here if you want more info.

30 September 2010

thank you card

 An double card made for a friend to say: Thank you. It is made in the colors she uses in her living-room, black and white and yellow accents.  Special note: the yellow fabric on the inside of the card are the rests of a piece of fabric I 've got from her a few years ago. On the last page I wrote my message.

17 September 2010

Collage Copenhagen

Today I was ironing shirts, pillow sheets and table cloths and suddenly I found myself cutting and glueing a double page for the capital cities book ;)
Double spread. Book size. Background: Norwegian book pages( which is very similar to Danish).
 Hand writing in Danish and music sheet. Two thin layers with acrylic paint.
 I like that I can read the original words trough the paint. Some leaf stamps.
 Images: the town hall, the statue of the writer Hans Christiaan Andersen. The sculpture of the little mermaid. The entrance of Europe's oldest entertaining park. Two brands of famous Danish beer and a few Danish stamps.
Back to the iron board now, I am not ready yet ;)

11 September 2010

double page, Oslo

Today I made a double page for European capital cities book. Background Norwegian book pages, glazed with two layers acrylic paint and a thin layer gesso. I also stamped some leaves. There is the Royal palace, Edvard Munch paintings, two of the 192 sculptures from Gustav Vigeland in the Frogner park. The picture on the right bottom is a fragment of the gate of that park, also from Vigeland.

It was hard to make a choice, there is so much to see in Oslo. I would have a old viking ship there or the town hall but the shape didn't fit with the other items.
I don't know why it looks so yellow on the screen, but the pages are more green in reality.

08 September 2010

Online workshop Collage Coterie

 Above lesson 6 from the online workshop I do. The prompt given was 'alter'. I painted an old book page with 3 layers of very thin acrylic paint and gesso. I have used two of the four images which came with the lesson. I cut them up in several pieces so that it looks totally different from the original. This is made in the moleskine journal, double page.

Below the result from lesson 7. The prompt was 'layers'.
I made this wall-hanging from an old book cover.It had nice end paper with a frame and many stains. I didn't cover it all. I also saved the mark of the shop. ( the little brown rectangle besides the photo) It is unique, the shop doesn't exist longer and the telephone number is só short :) First I copied a page from a book which has the dialect from the area Westfriesland in the Netherlands, where I grew up.The photo of the farmhouse and the map are copies. The photo from the Westfriese family is original. I have had this photo for years and now it was time to use it.
The lace is vintage. I used the triangle to repeat the roof of the farmhouse.
The size of the double book-cover is 24x13cm. ( 9,5x12 inch) without the hanger and the lace-triangle on the bottom.